What Is A Blood Clot? The Symptoms Showing Blood Clot In The Heart & Brain, Treatment

All of us have heard about blood clotting. But do you know what a blood clot is?A blood clot is a segment of blood that converts from a liquid to a gel-like material. This occurs when platelets, cells and proteins in the blood stick together.

Blood clotting is a normal process that can help prevent loss of blood when you’re injured. It becomes dangerous when the clot forms inside your veins or arteries, it doesn’t dissolve by itself.. This could be a dangerous situation, because it may stop the blood flow to the heart or

If your arteries are blocked by the clot, it may cause a heart attack, and if it blocks the flow of the blood to the brain it may also lead to stroke.To avoid the problem getting big, it’s crucial to know about it and take action on early indications or symptoms of the issue.
Signs Showing Blood Clot In The Heart
1. Pain in the arm, back, neck or jaw
2. Unusual Sweating
3. Chest pain
4. Shortness of breath
5. Faster heartbeats
Signs Indicating Blood Clot In The Brain
1. Insensibility in the arm or leg or Trouble in walking
2. Severe headache
3. Nausea
4. Vision Problems
5. Stammered speech

Before talking about the medication and treatment, you must have to understand things that can help you in ensuring the free movement of the blood in the whole body. If you want to avoid the clot formation in your body, you have to follow the following instructions:
Treatment Of Blood Clots
1. Blood Thinner Medications
These medicines that are also known as Anticoagulants or Blood thinners, helps stop clots from getting larger, and reduce the risk of developing more clots.
2. Thrombolytic Therapy
They are also known as Clot busters. This therapy is used only for people with severe clots.
3. Mechanical Thrombectomy
It is commonly used for the treatment of the strokes as we can remove blood clots from the arteries using this procedure.
4. Vena Cava Filters
If you are advised to not to take blood thinner medicines, then a filter would be placed inside the large vein (vena cava) close to the abdomen. This filter stops the blood clots from exploding in the lungs.

If you experience any of the symptoms of blood clots, we will recommend you to consult with a doctor at an early stage to avoid any type of complications due to it.

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John Smith

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