Ways to find solution in the long run for health disorders: ICMR report

It is important to note that the level of success which is expected in all of these years is only due to the investment of today’s youth in multiple kind of sectors which were never experience before but at the same point of time it is important to understand that a lot of people have been at the increasing risk of the following from multiple type of diseases at a very young age because the number of sitting guys in the office has increased to a great extent and the same point of time they have increased the consumption of alcohol and junk food which is not at all healthy for them in the long run.

A new study has been conducted by the Indian Institution of Medical Science and it has been in the position to report that the tendency of contracting serious diseases have increased by 17% in all the people in the each group of 18 to 40 years and this is an important issue because this is the population which has to go to a great extent and at the same point of time it is only with the help to help this population that the gross domestic product of the economy is obtained with a period of time. ,

This particular report has not been challenged on any ground because these type of experience is have become daily common for the country and it has become difficult for them to find a solution to all of these problems because these kind of problems same to increase to a great extent and the people do not have any kind of solution against them because it completely out of the control to understand. Even the doctors are completely about what prescription to describe because many students have think it health problems like cardiac arrest and at the same point of time they are suffering through diabetes and multiple type of unique illness which was never explain before hand. After confirming this particular result it is upon the medical scientist to develop a solution with the help of which the impanding effects of the technology can be brought to a name and a better opportunity of group is provided to the people over the period of time because definitely a serious matter of concern which has got its own negative impact and a lot of problems which have to be sold in the minimum amount of timeless and until there is no other way out which time take the market beyond the comprehension of a lot of people.

This is something which has to be taken note of in the earliest possible office Unity if a solution has to be brought because if no solution is provided then it will become difficult for the people to know what to do next and at the same point of time this will make the matters more complicated for the world that to accept

John Smith

John Smith

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