Violence in Manipur disrupts the state as a whole

The state of Manipur has experienced a lot of violence on Wednesday after a young man was shot by the members of a community. The man is dead now and many other people have been injured in whatever happened. As a result curfew has been imposed in Imphal and Bishnupur for the time being in order to control the situation of law and order. The police has also conducted a raid on different authorities in order to inspect the given situation. Relief camps have also been organised in order to cure all the people who have been impacted by this violence. Due to this policy many people have been killed and injured and this is further aggravating the people to a great extent. The people now doubt the policies of the government whether it will be enough protection. In such a situation the police authorities have also got the assistance of Army and paramilitary forces. All of them together were very helpful to control the situation and they have been deployed at different locations in order to do the needful. The government is working in order to find the source of this entire violence and also arrest all those persons who are trying to create political unrest in the City.

According to the investigation the entire curfew has been imposed for the simple reason that many people have raised questions of reservation and other types of rights which are associated with the caste and the religion of the people. Different incidences of ethnic violence have also been reported so far. The police officers have been posted around all the border areas in order to maintain peace in the city for the time being. It is important to understand that the violence is difficult to control for the time being because around 300 people have been affected due to this entire episode. All the economic activities have been stopped for the time being because the focus of the government is to maintain the peace and also to ensure the safety of every citizen who lives in the city.

According to the statistics around 1700 houses have been burnt. This has been for the first time that such a situation has arisen in Manipur. The state government has also thought of invoking the president’s rule in the state after all of this internal disturbance to please. This situation has become very critical and it is very important for the government to decide as soon as possible before it is too late. The central government has not given any statement on this entire situation and its only looking at this situation so that a solution can be found. It is important for the long term will be of the country as a whole because if the central and the state government do not come together in order to solve this problem then the problem will not get solved and it will automatically increase over the period of time.

John Smith

John Smith

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