USA caught in troubled water

The financial condition of the United States of America is definitely in troubled waters for the time being. It is important to note that according to the latest statement released by the treasury department of The United States of America, the ability of the government to fulfill all the bills has been reduced to a great extent because the amount of cash and other securities which can be converted to cash has been reduced over the period of time and this has put great stress over the existing sources of the country.

It is important to understand that all the opposition parties have also come together with the existing parties in order to reach a kind of agreement that will be able to negotiate the existing outstanding and also full fill them according to their date of maturity. This agreement has been passed by each house of the Senate. The finalization of the agreement is definitely a huge achievement for the entire nation because it is the best solution which can be used by the people over the period of time.

According to the content of the new agreement the existing government has been given a deadline as well as a maximum capacity of budget which can be maintained and managed by the authorities over the period of time. If this particular is followed accordingly then definitely the financial and fiscal stability would increase over the time. The political bodies definitely help to understand the way in which the decision of the government has been taken because it is in the best interest of the country.

It is definitely a huge amount but the government is trying its level best to pay out each one of them in order to avoid the situation of bankruptcy over the period of time. The government cannot manage to default pay these debts. Over the period of time the government has decided to increase the focus on manufacturing and development of industries that will help to multiply the financial growth without wasting the cost and the resource of the nation. It has been for the first time that the United States of America has been caught up in a very tough situation.

The support of the entire country is very important to give way to the negotiations which are being made over the period of time. He has not made any public appearances after the time he has become the president of The United States of America because he believes to implement his promises first before making new promises. This is important to understand because the risk of recession is likely to increase in the future and the government does not want to compromise with the safety of the economy at any cost. It is only with the help of these factors that the government would be able to come out of this position as soon as possible so that there is no coming back at all.

John Smith

John Smith

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