UCC in danger?

The Law Commission of India has made a request to all the political parties to provide opinions with respect to the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code. But the opposition has given a diversified opinion in this regard. None of the opposition parties have given an acknowledgement with respect to this idea of a Uniform Civil Code.

It is important to understand that the most important reason due to which every political party is against the Bharatiya Janata Party for the implementation of this Uniform Civil Code is that it is a political propaganda which will divide the country instead of Uniting it and it is against the very principle of the constitution.

the 21st Law Commission has been formed in order to discuss the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code at this particular stage and all the deliberations have already begun in order to find an answer to this question. But parties like Congress and the Aam Aadmi party have not given any approval towards this kind of move. This particular code is definitely a tool in the hand of government parties so that they can definitely provide opportunities for the growth of their own party and even minimize the exchange of dialogue between the countries as a whole.

This will be a serious infringement of fundamental rights. According to the sources this particular level of involvement in politics is healthy for deciding the policies which will work for the beneficial of all the sectors of the economy and every segment of the society but if this question is reduced to be taken place only in a society of the few and the powerful then the scope of democracy will be reduced to the maximum possible extend and this will be a direct violation of the basic structure of the constitution which the constitution makers had not thought of at any point of time. This is the time for the government to come together and think of global challenges but the government is only interested in dividing the opinions of different states so that the country cannot come together as a whole and provide the opinion it wants.

The Law Commission has requested all the political parties to submit the written proposals with this particular proposition so that the next proceedings can take place as soon as possible and a decision can be made for the betterment of the country as a whole. This will definitely take into account the levels of the Government and the way in which the improvement can be made. This is the most important aspect which has to be taken into consideration at every cost so that the country can develop in every possible way after taking to account the opinion of all the leaders that hate to shape the policy of the government. This is the only way to bring change in the economy and also provide for better opportunities that will lead to a better success over the period of time

John Smith

John Smith

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