Tomatoes stolen from South India

In the latest kind of incident it is important to note that a vehicle of farmer that was transporting all the tomatoes from the market has finally been stolen and this has been one of the major losses that the farmers would be facing specially in the states of Andhra Pradesh because the vehicle in which the tomatoes were loaded was travelling from one place to another but suddenly all of the tomatoes were student and it has been able to result in a loss of more than rupees 2 lakhs and a similar kind of incident is also mean reported in Karnataka 2 days back. According to the sources the thieves were basically trying to touch the car and create a situation of fight so that we driver of the vehicle could come out and they take the opportunity in order to get control over the vehicle and get all the tomatoes away and then tiles has been captured in the CCTV footage and if we possible attempt is being made by the police to reach these people as soon as possible because it will be very difficult for other people to understand the gravity of the situation otherwise. It is important to understand that the farmers vehicle has not been updated yet and no DTS with respect to the location at which the vehicle would have been kept as been provided to the people.

It is important to understand that the report of the incident has not be updated for the time being and people have to understand the reason due to which these particular details are taking place and such a type of incident is definitely a major lost to be economy of Karnataka with respect to agriculture because of the simple reason that the price of tomatoes is already Sky routing and there is already a shortage of this particular vegetable in the market due to which the price is continue to increase height every possible kind of assistance and subsidy control given by the government but in this kind of situation it becomes important to understand that such type of instances have to be reported as soon as possible for it is too late so that people do not suffer from any problem in the long run.

It becomes important to understand that the driver of the location completely did not have any idea with respect to the way in which something had to be done but it was only with the help of proper confirmations that things have to be reported back once again and for the time being no such details have been provided by the government and possible attempt is being made to control such activities are soon as possible before it is too late because if these kind of incidence are not controld with the help of proper control by the government is not automatically everybody will start stealing the tomatoes and the situation will complete it in the times to come

John Smith

John Smith

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