Things made worse for preeti haider

The recent issue that has been created by Preety header has once again put the level of the government to question to the greatest possible extent because of the simple reason that people want to understand by all of this is happening and what is the reason behind all of these activities. That women is a muslim and she had ended India after becoming a Hindu but according to some sources she is an agent of some terrorist organization and had all the documents to support this particular kind of acquisition and it was definitely that was about to get sponsored if it was not got at this point of time. It is definitely the duty of the government to be sure about the people who enter India from the different parts of the world because of the b is not discharged properly then automatically the security of the country will be put to take and anything can happen at any point of time because nobody would be prepared to take any action. According to the sources the actions of Seema who is also pretty were trand and later on it was discovered that she had got enough material to support the fact that she is a terrorist and is planning to implement a big terror attack in India but before she could basically make it happen the government has find now that she is in custody and being restriction has already started against her as soon as possible.

The level of the ministry is extremely efficient to bring a solution against all of these reasons and this is the only way in which something can be done about it as soon as possible because with the help of this method it becomes important to find out who all are actually the fence of India and who all are the Enemies because the incidence of the Muslims have definitely Bean increase in to great extent and this is not acceptable despite the fact that India is a secular state because the most important intention of Muslims entering into the country is to break the country apart and also play with the security of the nation as a whole and this is definitely not the agenda of any person who wants to see in India and that is why people must be conscious about all those who have migrated to India and best always take note of the activity so that they can easily authorities when ever they feel anything.

This is technically the best way to find the solution because it this particular way is not implemented the automatic leave the level of security will definitely get enhance over the period of time and then this method something can be done about it as soon as possible because everything has become possible this time. . It is going to have its own benefits with time and the people must your lies that it is the only way in which some solution can be obtained because if some solution is not obtained by soon as possible then the security of the country will be put to threat to would you extent and this is something that the people cannot expect a this time to happen.

John Smith

John Smith

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