The World Test Championship final will start today.

The time has come for the final of the World Test Championship, and after a full two years, the match will start at 3:00 pm today at the Oval Stadium in London, and all preparations have been made for this match. In a way, what is lacking here is that England has not left the cricket match and has done the best option preparations in England cricket, while both the Indian and Australian teams reached here a long time ago. They are continuously practicing in the area. Seen here while practicing Both the teams have practiced hard till now, and they are busy here preparing themselves in any way for the upcoming finals.

This match will occur from 3:00 pm today; both teams will fight for their Test Championship. Although the last time when the final of the World Test Championship was held, the Indian cricket team and the New Zealand cricket team were face to face, the New Zealand cricket team won this match, and this match was held at London ground. The Indian team lost the match, but the Indian team continued to play their cricket well and once again in the final.

Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid said he could win this trophy.

The coach of the Indian cricket team is Rahul Dravid, and he has said in a statement that he is fully capable of winning this trophy because his preparation is much more than other teams; he is seen playing good cricket consistently. Although he said that the Australian team also plays very good cricket, the Indian team, which made its place by reaching the final of the World Test Championship last time, is not the Australian cricket team; the Australian cricket team was not given that much last time. But the Indian cricket team had reached the semi-finals, so this time, the Indian cricket team will benefit a lot, and the experience of playing the final is immense.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Australian captain Patcums got a photo shoot done together with the trophy, after which both the captains were seen talking to each other for a long time. However, The strong side of the cricket team is that after giving the bowling test, on one of the best bowling lanes and bowling inside England, you must be good because if your bowling is good, you will be able to perform well here.

John Smith

John Smith

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