The situation inside Gaza seemed to be worsening day by day.

The situation inside Gaza is getting worse every day. It is also clearly visible here that people making a different topic here are making a separate topic here. For those who are ignoring the matter, a big thing can happen here in the coming time because the situation here is terrible, and the way Hamas has continuously acted has destroyed the country. He has a big problem with the effort he has made to put himself forward. Here, he may have become entirely against all the countries, and if in this way, any country comes against all the nations. So, a big problem will arise here, and he must answer entirely here.

The condition of Israel is very critical at this time. Many countries are seen helping it continuously. The Indian government is also making continuous efforts to evacuate the people from India who had reached there, and about 300 people have been evacuated. Yesterday, it was evacuated from there and brought to India. However, the President of India was present there and reached there entirely among the people. When he came out of the land, he saw many things, and the condition of the people was excellent. And people have to say that those who are very thankful to the Indian government that they were taken out of such a Gandhi situation and brought back to India ultimately were also blaming the Indian government for that.

Israel seemed to be getting weaker day by day.

If we talk about the country of Israel, then overall, this country was perfect in its category. It never had a shortage of you. I will keep coming to this matter. It had gone too far, but gradually, it started gaining popularity in the office. After that, this country has completely broken down. The situation in the country is terrible where, on the one hand, many people are being killed within yards. This number has reached approximately 7000, and if such conditions continue here, this war will go much further, and this group will be held responsible for carrying out complete genocide. Because of this, a lot of harm is being caused to the people, where women are also being tortured, and because of this kind of atrocities on women, the people of their country are being blamed very wrongly.

If we talk about this, the atmosphere within the country and the world can be seen very clearly. We can see the continuous incidents of violence within the whole world, where one after the other, all the countries are fighting against each other and Neighboring countries are seen fighting here the most, in which the names of India and Pakistan were also prominent earlier. Still, India has wholly changed Hindi in the way it attacked them. After that, it is entirely here. But there is a pleasant atmosphere; no one wants to interfere with Pakistan. Pakistan keeps on harassing the Indian youth, but India responds very well to the elections, after which He has started to feel completely weak.

John Smith

John Smith

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