The Indian cricket team has represented ICC tournaments 15 times since 2008 but won only twice.

After the defeat of the Indian team in the final of the World Test Championship, the BCCI looks very angry because they have not kept any shortage for the practice of the Indian cricket team. They have not kept any shortage inside the Indian team, but the Indian cricket team does not seem to have any ICC tournaments coming. Within the last ten years, no ICC tournament has come to the Indian cricket team, and it continuously plays well in the tournament, but many times, it does not reach the finals. It loses inside, and many times it loses even inside the semi-final matches, but still, the Indian team is considered so strong that it can be the winner of the final as well.

BCCI has said that they have a lot of expectations from the Indian cricket team, and when it comes to ICC tournaments, the Indian team appears to be the strongest. However, still, the Indian team does not win the matches continuously, and how it is a weakness is now fully discussed. I will take care of the way back, and the changes in the coming time can also be seen. Not considered, and now they have to have a permanent coach, and if they go with him till the World Cup, then it can prove to be better for them.

India’s ICC tournament may be responsible for this as much as IPL.

\So far, all the ICC tournaments have been played in India within the last ten or 15 years. The Jabalpur tournament is there. They have played within the month of IPL, although it means to, say that immediately after the end of IPL. He reached out to play ICC tournament, and his head has been seen that when 13 out of 15 times you have been in an ICC tournament within the last 15 years, then this is the biggest reason because IPL is a T20 format, there is a lot One has to play fast cricket but when there are ICC tournaments, whether they are ODI tournaments or Test tournaments, then the team is not prepared for them in that way.

BCCI has also tried to make some changes in its schedule so that when the IPL happens within the coming year if there is any ICC tournament, it will move IPL back and forth but not do IPL around the ICC tournament. ICC There will be preparations for a long time before the tournament, and the team will be kept according to the same environment as the tournament. If the tournament is T20, then the BCCI has said it will try to finish it first.

John Smith

John Smith

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