The government of India considered biometric identification necessary for SIM cards.

In the same way, the thing that it takes utmost care of is that the privacy of any human being should not be recorded in any way and should not be shared with the human being. He was able to keep his things in the right place. In this way, he has given his full contribution to everything, and the wealth of this has also been continuously highlighted in many areas of Indian technology. Much praise is also given to the group of Indian technology, and in the same way, the biggest credit for it goes to the Indian government because of the kind of North Indian government it keeps. It somehow treats its people like this. India does not behave like a citizen, and the continuous efforts to take India in a good direction are largely done through technology.

Fraud within every country has increased a lot at this time due to the concern of many big countries around the world, and due to the continuous February, they are seen going into this concern and fraud in it. Because of this, they are trapping people in some way and harassing people with the wrong things, and such activities are happening at a very fast pace within every country and India. The population is the highest in the world, and more than 150 crore people live in India, after which the forward messages among the people here are also very high. People are sending messages to them from different SIMs. Different calls are made, after which all their money is withdrawn through OTP so this kind of situation is happening in every country, and the Government of India is deciding to stop it.

The Indian government is trying to stop SIM card fraud.

The government of India has requested that SIM card buyers who want to buy the SIM card will have to get their biometrics completely corrected, and those whose tricks are verified will be given a SIM card. The card will not be issued. Many people are also seen here differently. This kind of potential is there in the people. It was also noticed that the environment there is very good for their country through biometrics. If their SIM card is verified, it becomes very easy to catch those people who upload this kind of thing, and the fake ones being found here are somehow deceiving people by making counterfeit SIMs. They are tortured and mistreated. This kind of effort to stop people is growing fast here, and the Indian government is continuously moving forward with its every thought. If it is happening

The government of India made this decision long ago, but they are continuously spoiling the environment like this. Somehow, the conclusion of the Government of India has been disregarded here a lot, after which people are getting SIM cards here without biometrics. It was started to be given, and after this, this fraud started being read again, so the Indian Ministry of Information Technology tried to start it again. They said that this time, there was no point in giving such a SIM to anyone. No company should do that. On the other hand, if a company is seen doing any work like this, the action taken against it will also be very fast-paced, and efforts have been made to complete this action as soon as possible. Will go because the Indian government does not want to play with its technology in any way.

John Smith

John Smith

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