The coronavirus is knocking again, and fear is among people once again.

It is terrible for India because everyone is aware of corona and everyone. It is known what corona epidemic is and how it can cause havoc, but recently it is also being informed that 9670 people have been cured of the corona. There has been a decline in active cases for the eighth consecutive day, and at present, 51315 cases are still active in India, and its positive rate is 3 point 80% in India. It is also being heard that in Jharkhand, a girl child died even after being vaccinated for coronavirus.

If we say it will not take long to take our life, also because this virus is of this type because once it spreads inside a human, there is no cure for it if someone is taken to a big hospital at the right time. If his treatment is adequately started, then that person can survive. Otherwise, that person cannot escape from coronavirus, and the person whose immunity system is weak and gets coronavirus, then he will surely lose his life, and the person whose immunity system of a person is strong can be cured by it. Still, we often see that we are negligent because we can get coronavirus, so we should not do this type of negligence and go out wearing a mask and follow social distancing. We have to take care excellently because still, the coronavirus is alive in India, and if it continues to survive, then once again, an atmosphere of devastation will spread all over India, and there will be mourning.

7172 active cases lost 41 lives in 24 hours

According to the report, in the last 24 hours, we have seen 7172 cases in which 41 people have also died; this death is due to their negligence, and we can say that their immune system was also weak, due to which those people died. have happened. It is increasing continuously, and some people have also been cured.

We don’t have to see people who are cured; we have to think that we are not suffering from this disease and should take care of ourselves entirely because if we take care of ourselves completely, then we cannot get this virus. Still, if we get this virus If it happens, we will give this virus to our whole family or from family to our entire village, which can prove to be very dangerous for our town and also for our country.

John Smith

John Smith

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