Ten types of people you will meet in every fitness club

One fine day, I realized that last year’s dress, which I wore only once, was not fastened on me anymore and decided to urgently buy a subscription to the fitness club in the hope that it would solve all my problems. And in anticipation of gaining a dream figure, I went to the gym, armed with a new bag, tracksuit and sneakers. By the way, the same happened to my locker room neighbour, who immediately gave me a hateful look.

My enthusiasm began to fade after a few trips to the hall. It is clear that a fitness club is not a theatre, but there are also certain rules of behaviour in it that must be observed. But, as it turned out, many did not even hear about their existence. Such visitors are not just stopping everyone from doing it, and sometimes they can get you crazy. They can be found in any fitness club, regardless of its category and location. We will tell you about ten types of violators of sports etiquette, which cause the most anxiety in the hall


In any fitness club, there are ladies with whom husbands bought membership cards for the club so that they can do at least something other than shopping. So these very ladies, instead of listening to the trainer and practicing, stand in front of the mirror for the whole training and catch a good angle.

Of course, it’s very good that it has become fashionable to go to the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle, but do not forget about why they go there.

“There are ladies who come to fitness stupidly take a picture. And they take a selfie with each simulator for half an hour. And those who really need simulators should stand and wait until they take the right number of photos to select the most successful and put it on social networks,” says Ekaterina, a fitness club client.


It’s one thing when a girl admires her reflection in the mirror. It’s natural. And another thing is when a man cannot calmly walk past a mirror without looking into it. And also such men, as a rule, like to kiss their muscles, as if they will grow faster from this.

It is worth noting that the mirrors in the hall do not hang so that visitors endlessly admire themselves and take selfies. They are needed in order to follow the exercise technique.

“Enrage men who constantly stare at their reflection in the mirror during training. And more often I do not see them in the classroom, but walking in the hall with an important look and demonstrating their superiority over others.


Very often, clients come to group classes just to chat, discuss the latest news and giggle. Typically, such visitors come in two or three, take each other a place in the hall, and then during the whole lesson, they look at each other, laugh and speak loudly to each other.

“And recently an aunt came to the class, which had not existed for a very long time. She laughed like a horse in the whole hall, so that everyone would pay attention to her, talked loudly with her club friends and coach so that everyone could hear her, such as “the triumphal return of a popular favorite.” My tongue was itching to comment on it,” Natalya says.


Of course, during the exercise, you need to follow the breathing technique, but screaming as if you were giving birth is not necessary. This is annoying and distracting others. Moreover, often the volume does not correspond to the applied efforts.

And know, if you stop screaming during exercises, no one will think that you have taken less weight and it’s not difficult for you. See how experienced “pitching” trains – they always do it almost silently, while the weight of their bar is not inferior to the weight of the bar of those who make obscene sounds.

“If you can’t lift a bar of that weight, don’t lift it. Why yell like that. The whole hall can be scared like that. Once during a training session, I heard a terrible roar from behind. I was scared because I thought that maybe a person had damaged something for himself or the barbell had fallen on him. Turning around, I saw some clown, I can’t name it differently, lying on a dumbbell press with the appearance of five kilograms, not more,” says the client of the fitness club Alexander.


These people have never heard of a washing machine, and the shower and deodorant are considered the destiny of wimps. It is clear that in the hall, no one expects you to smell of violets. But washing before and after training is necessary. No one is required to endure the pungent odour of your sweat.

Moreover, as a rule, these are the same people. It seems that they do not wash their things after a workout, but put dirty on the next. It’s just impossible to deal with such people.


Many ladies have an extraordinary passion for walking around the locker room for long naked. Slender girls for half an hour standing in the mirror and carefully smear with all kinds of creams. Women in the body walk around in the dressing room in this form, without even thinking about wearing at least underwear or wrapping themselves in a towel. I do not know what is wrong with them, but they constantly demonstrate their charms to as many people as possible.

“This is not discrimination, but why do old fat aunts constantly go naked and shake their fats and Cosmas! Just no shame! Even young girls with perfect figures rarely allow themselves such things and walk around the locker room, wrapping themselves in a towel,” says Natalya.

“Once I saw how an aunt in my soul shaved everything that could be shaved, then she went out, threw a towel on the floor, stood on her feet, and then she rubbed her shoes! After that, I lost all desire to use club towels,” says Marina.


In any room, there are similar instances. As a rule, they chat with everyone – with the coach, with others, with the girls at the reception. The most exciting thing is that they manage to talk even while doing the exercises

John Smith

John Smith

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