Temples to restrict a specific clothing type

A latest kind of incident has been reported in the temples of Uttarakhand. According to this incident, different types of temples in Uttarakhand and Dehradun have imposed a ban on the devotees. It is expected that a particular section of people will not be allowed to enter the premises of Temple if they do not wear proper clothing according to the way in which the culture expects.

According to the head of the temple authority in Uttarakhand it is expected from the men and women to have pure proper clothes when they come to the temple and they respect the decency of Indian culture because it is one of the most important aspects that has to be taken into consideration. It is only with the help of these targets that the culture of Indian society can be preserved over the period of time . The head of the temple authorities has also expressed that temples are the place to worship and not a place to express your fashion and that is why it is advisable to all the people to wear covered clothes so that they do not face any kind of problem.

Many people have expressed different opinions on this entire decision. According to the women’s organisations every woman has a right to wear whatever she wants and her choice of clothes does not decide the level of Faith she has in her heart. But according to some people this is a good decision because it will help to control the impact of westernization on the Indian men and women in the temples which are the most important place to worship and express your devotion to God. It is important to note that this particular guideline has been issued with respect to all the temples that are affiliated to the Akhada organization in the entire Northern part of India. Many people in the temple have complained again and again that the young boys and girls enter the temple without showing any respect and it is all because of the westernization of the clothing which has left a deep impact on these people over the period of time. Not only this but also the type of clothing can reduce the concentration of a particular person on his prayer and he can focus on what the other people are wearing. In such a kind of situation it becomes essential to understand that the level of the support that the younger generation can show his commendable and it is only with the help of good values that this can be ensured.

The government has also taken the decision to provide opportunities of growth and development but this particular decision has got nothing to do with the policy of the government because no such official statement has been issued by such a kind of authorities. But it will be interesting to witness how different types of people will come forward with different reactions and if changing the clothing policies will have an impact on the Indian culture for the betterment.

John Smith

John Smith

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