States to come together to develop adaptation plans

According to the latest sources it is important to understand that the central government is becoming very particular about the changing impact of global warming and the way in which it is causing the climatic change in the previous parts of the world especially in India. The Indian Meteorological Department has recently notified that 2023 is a first year in which the weather is so dicey and it is being experienced for the first time. The Central government has provided an indication to different types of state government to formulate special climate adaptation plans. This particular plan will be helpful to study the impact of global warming and also understand the way in which small changes help to introduce extreme events. It is being handled by the Department of Science and Technology for the time being according to the latest proposal. According to the latest guidelines the state government will be required to set up a research agenda on climate change. Different types of events have been reported at various parts of the country and this is nothing but an indication of the climatic crisis that is currently faced by the country of India.

According to the central government, if every state makes a plan to fight climatic change then accordingly the coordination would become easier to a great extent. All the locations have been identified and the research centres have even been set up at the grass root level of governance. The different types of locations will be helpful for promoting effective implementation of the plans which have been made by the state governments. It is important to note that a monitoring system will be installed at the different locations in order to calculate the variations in the climate on a daily basis so that a conclusive study can take place. Different types of events such as cyclones and droughts are likely to hit the country very soon and also in an intense manner. Multiple strategies have been developed in order to mitigate the risk and also reduce side effects of climatic change by building infrastructure and by making the maximum possible utilisation of the resources. Different types of businesses and local governments will also make a contribution in this direction so that this problem is solved in the minimum possible time.

The central government has also provided for the provision of assessing the developments made by the state government in this regard on a regular basis in order to monitor the socio economic growth which has been achieved in this sector. It is important to understand that it is a collective responsibility of all the stakeholders of the government to get there and fight this problem so that the country and the environment can be saved together not only for the present generation but also for the future generation. It will eventually help to reduce all the possible kind of risks in the area which include floods and different types of climatic disasters such as heavy rain and floods.

John Smith

John Smith

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