Shivraj washes the feet of the people

A shocking incident has taken reason Madhya Pradesh for the time being in according to this particular incident or tribal man was trying to indulge in any kind of activity around the urban areas which was densely populated by the people of belonging to the upper caste and too much of the surprise it was impossible for the people to take any action in this regard because they had not expected something of this kind to take place but it happened.

A man of the tribal community was given the responsibility to under take some kind of occupation in the town so that it was possible for the people to get employment opportunities but it seems like the city did not respond him well at rather insulted him in the way that he could have never imagine even in his host of the lightwears because according to the latest sources it has been proved that was a man who did not respond to anything but send the people from the upper cast of the society urinated on him he could not keep his calm. He basically entered into a huge amount of protest with all his fellow people and he wanted justice from the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh because even the tribal people have to be treated like humans and they cannot be discriminative in the way all of these situations have taken place.

After particularly taking out of all of the situations in basically became important for the government to take a strict action against the person who was responsible behind all of this controversy at the same point of time do something for the benefit of the people are soon as possible because it is a duty of the Government of the government first never run from its duties at any cost. It is important to note in the first place that the level of changes that have to be introduced in the level of the government is completely commendable and it is only with the help of all of these changes that something has to be brought to this respect. It is important to note that all of the kind of changes have to be taken into consideration and itwar to provide just just to this particular person the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh sat on his feet and the boshed his speed in order to show him respect that he is an equal part of the humidity like everybody else and he has a right to be whatever he wants to become over the period of time and nobody can basically take with this right from hematiming cost because the constitution provides these rights to every person in this society.

After this particular kind of inside took place the tribal community in Madhya Pradesh has been extremely disturbed at the boat the maximum amount of protection from all of these kind of sources are soon as possible the food is too late because it is definitely a matter of rights of all the people and they have to do every thing that is possible to protect them at any cost because these actions will definitely the find the utility of the government in the long run and if these actions are notifying the lot of article for the government to take the stand

John Smith

John Smith

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