SEBI makes disclosure norms

It is important to note that the security and exchange Board of India has finally issued a latest notification according to which it has become compulsory for all the venture capital funds that are operating outside India to disclose their operations not only in the international market but also national market if the total capitalisation of the companies is more than three billion dollars. This particular step has been taken by the government in order to promote a better sense of transparency among the companies so that it is feasible to take note of all the observations and prevent the economic offenses such as money laundering and white collar client.

It is important to understand that the different types of unethical activities definitely has an impact upon the economy is a whole and the basically make the ecosystem weak to a great extent and in such a kind of situation it is really important to understand the basic concept that the people want to trust the stocks but if these companies keep on manipulating the valuation of the stocks then it will result in the erosion of the wealth and the trust of all the investors which is definitely not suitable for attracting foreign direct investments in India.

This particular kind of disclosure is very important in order to introduce basic differences in the way in which the company functions over the period of time. This strategy will be applicable to all the companies that are launching and opening their subsidiaries in the international borders. It is important to understand that this particular level of development is the need of the hour and it will definitely promote the confidence of the investors in India because everything would be disclosed and the people would be in the position to understand in which the Industries function for the period of time. It is important to understand that the level of investment must be taken into account and this will definitely help to promote the economics status of the country in the long run so that it is possible for the country to understand the way in which things will take place. This is one of the most important aspect that must be taken into account before placing the policies before the Parliament for the final confirmation because these policies are important to improve the level of business infrastructure of the country.

It is important to understand that this particular regulation will be applicable to different types of funds which are applicable and at the same point of time we will be in a better position to increase the level of acceptance in the country as a whole so that a better growth opportunity is provided in the long run over the period of time. This is something which has to be taken into account because these policies will definitely change to be in which business is conducted and will make everything much more transparent for the people to accept.

John Smith

John Smith

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