Sanjay Mishra was seen telling stories of his struggle-filled life.

There are many such actors in Bollywood whose life is a great struggle. They come forward after seeing many things in their life, and they continuously spend their whole life in this life. And for this, he is seen trying very hard constantly. His identity is always that as much as possible, he can create his identity within Bollywood; the better he can maintain his identity within Bollywood, the more he can become a part of Bollywood. Earning a name for yourself will become very important for your career, and the names of many actors come in this. All the actors are excited about their careers and are also seen sleeping. The way his Bollywood career seems to go towards the sky, may his career never go down.

The name of Sanjay Mishra also plays the role of a tractor in Bollywood similarly. In the same way, he made a big name for himself in the world of comedy, and he has consistently performed well in comedy. He has always been recognized for his humor. How he completely changed the world of comedy. He continuously made many changes there. The thing that was seen is the way he saw his work in the best way in the coming time when he continued his acting in salary form; there are many such things in his life also due to which he had to leave the films, but his performance towards drama was very high, and hence he could never move away from his acting.

Sanjay Mishra had to leave work in Bollywood.

Sanjay Mishra also worked in many films in Bollywood. Due to his excellent performance in many films, he continuously got recognition for many movies and earned his name in the comedy world. While doing comedy, Rishi needed help in Bollywood. He never wanted to limit his performance within Bollywood, and he always tried to showcase Bollywood as much as possible. Bollywood Prabhu will pay attention; it will become essential for him, and he can do even 2 minutes of Bollywood completely; he can also make his place inside Bollywood entirely, and for this, he did a lot of work continuously. The world of Bollywood was also displayed well inside.

Sanjay Mishra Nepali song बैज से वेदर्सी है करना है बॉल्योडी है करना है दूर्ण भी गुद्ध He also continuously kept a distance from Bollywood. Whether this distance of his was perfect for his career or not, he made a very explosive comeback in Bollywood. And in this fierce comeback, he performed very well continuously. He also worked in many big films in Bollywood. His superhit films were also excellent. He made more than Rs—100 crores in Bollywood films. Talking about coming back and doing such big films for such a prominent comedy actor is a big thing, and it was entirely like excellence for him.

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John Smith

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