Rogers Mastercard Review (2024): Earn Unlimited Cash Back

The financial scene in Canada has seen a surge in the ubiquity of cashback credit cards, with customers progressively looking for ways to maximize their investing. Among the eminent contenders in this field is the Rogers Mastercard, a no-annual-fee card that has garnered consideration for its boundless cashback rewards. In this comprehensive audit, we’ll dive into the different features of the Rogers Mastercard, investigating its highlights, costs, benefits, and who stands to pick up the foremost from using this money-related tool.

Overview: A Modern Player within the Cash Back Field

Introduced in late 2022, the Rogers Mastercard quickly picked up noticeable quality due to its redone highlights and benefits. Unlike numerous credit card revamps that might weaken the card’s offer, the changes actualized on the Rogers Mastercard have ostensibly made it more appealing than its introductory iteration as the Rogers Association Mastercard.

Costs & Sign-Up Features: A No-Fee Marvel

One of the essential draws of the Rogers Mastercard is its no-annual-fee structure. This implies that cardholders can appreciate the benefits of cashback rewards without the burden of repeating expenses. Within the domain of credit cards, where yearly fees can erode the charm of rewards, the absence of such costs may be a critical advantage.

Moreover, the card presents a limited-time welcome reward that entices potential clients. Offering 10sh back on buys made within the primary three months, up to $ 1,000, the welcome reward is a liberal incentive for modern cardholders. Successfully, this interprets to a potential $100 cash back, giving a compelling reason to consider the Rogers Mastercard.

Regarding costs, the buy intrigued rate on the card stands at 19.99%, with cash propels incurring a marginally higher rate of 22.99%. Whereas these rates align with industry guidelines, potential candidates ought to be careful of these figures, particularly in case they expect to carry an adjustment or utilize cash propels regularly.

Earning: Tailored Rewards for Rogers Clients

The Rogers Mastercard utilizes a layered cashback-gaining structure, with particular rates for Rogers clients and non-customers. For those who are Rogers clients and have one qualified benefit with the broadcast communications monster, the card offers an alluring 2% boundless cash back on all eligible purchases.

Non-Rogers clients still appreciate competitive rates while not profiting from the upgraded gain rate for all buys. They receive 2% boundless cash back on U.S. dollar buys and 1% unlimited cash back on all other qualified buys.

It’s worth noticing that eligible services for Rogers clients include a run of offerings, counting postpaid Rogers or Fido-branded versatile plans, web, TV, domestic phone, domestic monitoring, and partisan administrations.

Redeeming: Simplified Cash Back Redemption

The recovery preparation for cashback rewards with the Rogers Mastercard is direct. Once the back rewards adjust to a leaseholder, they can recover it toward buys with esteem of $10 or more. This straightforwardness within the recovery handles changes with the card’s generally user-friendly plan.

Including an extra layer of offer, the card presents a 50% reward when cashback rewards are recovered toward any Rogers item or benefit. This implies that if cardholders select to apply their cash back against qualified Rogers buys, counting bills, phones, and adornments, they get a 50% boost in the recovery esteem. This one-of-a-kind includes recognizing the Rogers Mastercard from other cashback cards, possibly lifting the compelling cashback rate to phenomenal levels.

Features & Benefits: A Blend of Cash Back and Telecommunications Perks

Whereas the essential centre of the Rogers Mastercard is cashback rewards, it consolidates a few extra benefits, particularly custom-fitted for Rogers clients. One striking liven is the value of 5 Meander Like Domestic days yearly. This benefit is planned for cardholders who are too Rogers versatile clients and can be particularly advantageous for those who travel frequently.

However, it’s essential to highlight that the Rogers Mastercard does not give protection scope. This recognizes it from a few other credit cards advertising secure protection as buying the assurance and amplified guarantee scope.

What’s Good About This Card: Unveiling the Highlights

1. Competitive Cash Back Rates: The Rogers Mastercard boasts noteworthy cashback rates, with a level 2nd rate for Rogers clients – the most elevated base cashback rate among no-annual-fee cards in Canada. Indeed, for non-Rogers clients, the 1se rate and 2% on U.S. buys eclipse numerous competing no-fee cashback cards.

2. 50% Bonus on Rogers Purchases: The unique 50% bonus when redeeming cashback rewards toward Rogers buys lifts the potential cashback return to 3% for Rogers clients, a figure seldom seen within the domain of no-fee credit cards.

3. Generous Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus of 10sh back for the primary three months, up to $100, gives a compelling motivating force for unused cardholders.

4. No Annual Fee: The nonattendance of annual expenses guarantees that cardholders can appreciate money-back benefits without the monetary burden of recurring charges.

What’s Not So Good: Areas for Improvement

1. No Insurance Coverage: The need for protection coverage, including standard highlights like buy security and amplified guarantee scope, maybe a striking disadvantage. Cardholders who esteem these assurances may find the nonattendance of protections highlights a restricting figure.

2. Limited Additional Benefits: The card does not offer a wide array of extra benefits for Past money-back rewards and the Meander Like Domestic advantage for Rogers clients. A few clients may be inclined toward cards with more extensive perks, such as travel protections or concierge services.
Who Should Get This Card: Target Audience

1. Rogers Customers: The card is an excellent choice for existing clients, advertising unmatched cashback rates and the attractive 50% reward on Rogers buys.

2. No-Fee Cash Back Enthusiasts: Consumers seeking an easy-to-use, rewarding, and no-fee cashback card will discover the Rogers Mastercard engaging.

3. Costco Shoppers: Rogers customers who visit Costco can maximize their cashback returns at Costco warehouses, making this card an essential choice for those who shop at the popular retailer.

4. Traveling Rogers Clients: People who are both Rogers clients and visit travellers can take advantage of the 5 Roam Like Home days, including esteem to their travel encounters.

5. Supplementing Other Cards: Buyers who need a substantial cashback card to complement their Visa or American Express cards without causing a yearly expense may discover the Rogers Mastercard as a valuable expansion to their wallet.

The Rogers Mastercard has emerged as an impressive player within the no-annual-fee cashback card advertisement. With its extraordinary cashback win rates, liberal welcome bonus, and unique 50% reward for Rogers’s buys, it stands out as a cashback winning machine, especially for Rogers’ clients. Indeed, for non-Rogers customers, the card offers one of the best earning rates among no-fee cashback Mastercards in Canada.

In a landscape where credit cards compete for attention with shifting rewards and features, the Rogers Mastercard presents a compelling suggestion for those prioritizing effortlessness, cashback rewards, and consistent integration with Rogers’s services. In any case, people should carefully evaluate their investing propensities, inclinations, and protection requirements sometime after recently committing to this card.


1. What is the Rogers Mastercard, and how does it vary from other credit cards?
– The Rogers Mastercard may be a cashback credit card presented in late 2022 in Canada. Its no yearly charge structure and interesting benefits for Rogers customers stand out. Its key differentiators incorporate competitive cashback rates and a 50% bonus when recovering cash back for Rogers purchases.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Rogers Mastercard?
– The qualification criteria for the Rogers Mastercard incorporate being a Canadian resident of the age of a more significant part in your area or region, having a credit history, and not having pronounced liquidation within the past seven years. Specific qualification requirements may apply, and candidates should survey the issuer’s rules.

3. What are money-back win rates for Rogers and non-Rogers clients?
– Rogers clients appreciate a 2% boundless cash back on all qualified buys, whereas non-Rogers customers get 2sh back on U.S. dollar buys and 1sh back on all other qualified buys.

4. Is there a yearly expense for the Rogers Mastercard?
– No, the Rogers Mastercard does not have a yearly expense, making it an appealing option for those looking for cashback rewards without the burden of repeating charges.

5. How does the welcome reward work, and what is the current offer?
– The Rogers Mastercard offers a limited-time welcome reward of 10sh back on buys made within the first three months, up to $100. This gives unused cardholders a considerable introductory cashback motivating force.

6. Can cashback rewards be recovered for anything other than Rogers buys?
– Whereas the essential recovery alternative is for cash back, cardholders can apply their cash back rewards toward any Rogers item or benefit, counting charge instalments, phones, and accessories, with a bonus of 50%.

7. What benefits does the card offer for Rogers clients who travel?
– Rogers Mastercard cardholders who are too Rogers versatile clients get 5 Roam Like Domestic days yearly value, advertising value for those who travel globally.

8. Does the Rogers Mastercard provide insurance scope?
– No, the Rogers Mastercard does not offer protection scope. Cardholders looking for highlights such as purchase protection or extended warranty coverage may have to consider other credit cards with such benefits.

9. Are there any extra advantages or benefits with the Rogers Mastercard?
– Whereas the card centres on cashback rewards, it also offers a Roam Like Home advantage for Rogers travel customers. Be that as it may, extra advantages are constrained compared to a few other cards.

10. Who is the perfect candidate for the Rogers Mastercard?
– The Rogers Mastercard is well-suited for Rogers clients, people looking for a fulfilling no-fee cashback card, Costco shoppers, and those who want to supplement their Visa or American Express cards without bringing about a yearly charge. Prospective cardholders should assess their needs and investing habits to decide if the card aligns with their money-related objectives.

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