Robo motor for lord Jaganath

The famous Jagannath Rath Yatra has commenced in Odisha. It is important to note that this time a man from Gujarat has been in the position to introduce the latest innovation which has surprised the entire world. This is a huge festival for Hindu’s in which a large number of devotees from the different parts of the world drag the chariot of Lord Jagannath. According to the sources this time this particular festival is being taken place due to the efforts of the man who has placed a solar powered motor under the Chariot for the easy movement of the same across the entire Yatra.

This invention has been able to Ease down the movement to a great extent. According to the sources this man was working on the side for the past 9 years and it was only with the help of his hard work that he was in the position to create a new chariot powered robot with the help of fresh wood. It is important to note that the environment and the surrounding of this particular situation will be very pure and nature friendly. Thousands of people have now been in the position to use these kinds of Motors across the different parts of the world specially in the United States of America and Russia where the followers of Lord Jagannath have been increasing over the time.

During the past years a lot of people used to install solar Motors in the Chariot and to an extent they were successful as well. In such a kind of situation it becomes important to not that Technology adoption has improved to a great extent In this particular religious festival which is celebrated all throughout the country on the auspicious be of 20th June. Lord Jagannath along with his sister and brother will be a part of this projection and will come on the road to display their auSpice to the world at large. This particular festival is attended by a number of devotees who travel all the way from the Jagannath temple complex to Gundicha Temple in Odisha. This particular festival is also celebrated in different parts of Gujarat and according to the sources this festival will be celebrated for 146th time in the state. It is important to note that the festival will begin after the celebration of Mangala arti in the morning and after that the other rituals will be finished. This particular festival has become the tradition of central India for the past century and it is considered to be the longest festival with the largest procession of people in all these years.

This particular man who has installed a robot based motor will definitely help to make things easier and at the same point of time provide better opportunities to all the people to grow. This particular Technology has been designed with the help of different Bee sources working at the Indian Institute of Technology at Calcutta and Gujarat for the time being but the credit of this invention completely goes to the local man from Gujarat who worked day in and day out for the development of such a technology

John Smith

John Smith

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