Pune Government struggles to complete water project

The Metropolitan region of Pune is affected by the lethargic attitude of the Municipal Corporation to complete the water projects which have been initiated in the state to provide 24/7 supply across the regions which did not have a complete water supply. The Government of Maharashtra had recently announced to initiate a project in Pune that will be able to provide access to water throughout the Year Without any kind of destruction but this project has not been completed till now and the people continue to suffer from the scarcity of water even after cooperating with the government in every possible way.

Due to this entire project being stagnated for a very long period of time now it has become difficult for the commuters to travel from one place to another because it has been increasing the level of traffic congestion over the period of time. It is important to understand that the time spent by the people on the road has increased due to the increasing amount of traffic. The government department has not made any official statement for the time being. But the people have started filing complaints in the municipal department with respect to all of these things.

It is important to understand that all the officers from the rural police setup and the urban police setup will play a very important role in order to provide better convenience facilities to the people. It will be in the position to have three kinds of alternative routes but no such kind of development has been made for the time being. According to the original plan of the project this project was supposed to get completed in three parts and all the three parts would have been completed by the end of 2023 but not even a single part has been initiated properly and all of them have been left as it is without any further scope of development in this regard. The level of dedication has also increased to a great extent but no concrete effort has been made by the municipal department in order to solve this problem because there are different localities in Pune and surrounding regions which do not receive clean drinking water on a daily basis. After filing multiple complaints the municipal department has decided to begin the work near Abhimanyu society. It will definitely help to monitor the success over the years if it is implemented accordingly.

The same aspect of this project was also supposed to be launched in the city of Nagpur but no such development has taken place for the time being. The elections are around the corner and if the government wants to get Re elected once again then it has to implement this project as soon as possible and satisfy all the citizens to the maximum possible extent because there is no other way out. The aspect of the government should be respected but it is also there responsibility of the government to satisfy all the promises it has made to the people at large

John Smith

John Smith

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