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Exhaustion is a feeling that most people suffer because of home and work-related activities. I guarantee you that it’s not a pleasant feeling that you would wish to endure daily. So, to cheer up yourself after a hectic day, a chair massage will do you justice.

Any home spa would be incomplete without a massage chair. Purchasing this equipment is a significant investment that is worthy in the long-run. A massage chair helps you have personal masseuse readily available at your home comfort. That way, you will save a lot of time compared to someone who would opt to cancel essential activities on their schedules, to visit a massage therapist.

How massage chairs are designed to helps in aches and pain easing, promoting body relaxation and general well-being. The massage chairs offer various options that can best suit everyone’s specific needs. Realizing you need to buy a comfortable massage chair is one thing, the hardest part is deciding on the type that will meet your preference and requirements at the most economical price.

There exist a variety of massage chairs in the market today tailored down to individual specific need. This article will help you find a massage chair that you’ve always wanted. The various types are;

1. Kahuna massage chair- full body zero gravity.

This massage chair is approved medically by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of its popularity and quality, this massage chair is highly priced but its worth spending to purchase one. This massage chair is considered the best because of its L- track -that makes it possible to achieve zero gravity position 3. This massage chair also has a computerized body scanner that facilitates message customization depending on the size of an individual .Like most massage chairs it comes in black or brown color and takes a small space while reclining

For ladies who love to do yoga, this is an ideal massage for you because it comes with a yoga stretching signature that allows your body to stretch entirely improving the circulation of blood and a greater sensation awakening. The only demerit this massage chair has is its cost, but for anyone who values their health, want better results, and love quality product, this would be the perfect recommendation.

2. full body massage- Real relax

Launched in 2018, a real relax massage chair is among the modern chairs. The best part about this massage chair is its low cost compared to other massage chairs. The fact that it’s a full body massage chair means that it relaxes the whole body making you feel relieved physically and mentally. Real relax has eight massage points inside the backrest, making the massaging experience even better.

This massage chair facilitates blood circulation through the presence of an incorporated heating system in the chair. The reason this massage chair is referred to as full-body is because of the presence of the roller massage that makes the feet feel good as the other parts of the body are massaged. The advantage of this massage chair is its ability for footrests to extend to accommodate any height. As earlier mentioned, this massage chair is very modern you can get entertained as you get massaged. The presence of an inbuilt Bluetooth and Hi-Fi speaker makes it possible

3. Shiatsu massage chair- Real Relax zero gravity.

This massage chair is FDA approved and is one of the most admired massage chairs. Most massage therapists seek this massage chair to serve their clients. This massage chair originated from Japan; therefore, it utilizes the Japanese massage techniques that entail using hands fingers, thumbs, and palms to exerts some pressure on specific body parts to heal some common pains.

This massage chair makes one feel like human hands are massaging them. Furthermore, this chair has other exciting features that will make you love the entire session. These features include the ability to transform into a recliner sofa when not in use. It also has a remote control that allows one to control it as you get massaged freely.

The inbuilt waist heater is another feature that is placed at the waist to improve body blood circulation and metabolism. Finally, this massage chair has a vibrator, a back, and hip massager incorporated into the massage chair. Your duty is to apply when these parts need massage. This is the best massager especially for people who suffer back and hip pains.

4. Human touches Novo XT chair.

This massage chair is perfect for apartments with limited spaces. Its placed close to the wall then reclined smoothly. This feature has made this massage chair beat its competitors in the market. Its design includes adjustable shoulders and neck massage features, also features for your feet and back. It enabled us to get full body massage and zero gravity.

Since procuring a massage chair requires some lump sum of money, it is crucial to carry thorough research on these various types of massage chairs, to identify which one best suit our needs. Some of the critical factors to consider are;

Design that saves space – Massage chairs with designs that save space are a great deal. Most homes are not very spacious. Hence a massage chair that reclines from 2 to 3 inches would be perfect.

Seating positions that are zero- gravity – Massage chairs with such a property reclines one to be able to distribute their weight and bringing better massage experience.

Manual and automatic modes – The popular massage chairs in the market comes with a combination of these features — the automated method combined with some technologies targeted in activities such as yoga stretch for the whole body.

Scanning techniques – This feature contains smart sensors that can give the exact estimate of one’s height to customize your massage chair to fit your body. This technology has helped people massively because of differences in height.

The price of the massage chair- Buying your massage chair is less costly compared to booking appointments with massage therapists. They aren’t cheap though but are a worthy investment, especially for individuals who love their health and feeling relaxed.

In conclusion, make sure you get your facts right before you decide to have a massage chair at your house. If you are under any medication, ensure to consult your doctor for guidance and recommendations. The market has massage chairs for everyone your work is to identify what fits you.

John Smith

John Smith

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