Paresh Rawal made a big statement about Bollywood

In the Bollywood industry, one after the other, new people or, in any way, people and Bollywood actors are seen giving statements in which they either tell about the Bollywood industry or we get to see someone discuss it. A lot of controversy has arisen, so this time, the statement given by Fresh Rahul and he has said about Bollywood that the people of Bollywood work very hard, they constantly practise to make people laugh. They continuously try to entertain people, but still, people do not appreciate them in this way and are regularly tortured. So he will feel evil. In the way he tries to entertain the general public, he also tries to put total effort into it, along with people not appreciating his ability, slowly making him a victim of controversy. Are, and this is a very wrong thing for the Bollywood world.

Paresh Rawal further said that the way Bollywood actors work hard, they also try to give their complete 100%, but their ability is only sometimes spared continuously. However, sometimes, it happens that the director tries ultimately. He tries to convey a complete message about this film to society, but instead of saying that message, we oppose it a lot, and he tries to stop it before its release or get it suspended. But this attempt will be wrong because, in this way, Bollywood actors and actresses have a lot of bad influence, and the encouragement they get to do new films ends. How not to be made a victim of controversy and their Together, the more you behave well, the better they will be with you, and it is because of the general public that actors and actresses achieve success, so they should keep in mind that both of them together can achieve success. It takes Bollywood forward.

Paresh Rawal said that the actors in South films struggle more.

Paresh Rawal has done all kinds of acting in Bollywood continuously. He has played the role of comedy actor and villain in Bollywood. He has done the part of the letter in Bollywood. He has done it brilliantly in Bollywood. The way he is acting, he deserves a lot of praise here. But it is considered, and highly praised, how he has done comedy in both parts of Hera Pheri. He is also very much liked, and it is said that he has created a new world in the comedy world. How he started comedy with Cheez Time Ki Nahi Tere is an excellent achievement for him.

Paresh Rawal further said that someone ultimately believes there is a lot of struggle inside Bollywood, but even more effort is in South films. The actors in South films work very hard and do their best. They try to give up to 200% to eat ahead, but still, there are many actors whose names have yet to come up because South films are a completely different type of film with new content. A film is made on the subject, and the general public does not want old and how-to-drink content. They are unique, and the content from the press is correct, which always brings South’s films.

John Smith

John Smith

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