Pakistan was seen openly supporting Dawood Ibrahim.

There has always been a very deep understanding of Pakistan and terrorism, and for some reason or other, Pakistan continuously gives a lot of air to terrorist activities. Due to this, the relations between Pakistan and India have deteriorated a lot, and In a way, Pakistan is not even ready to admit how much it has promoted terrorism. It gives full support to terrorist organizations inside its country, and for them there, it destroys everything. That is why they have to understand very much that if in any way terrorist activities arise not only within our country but anywhere in the world, then eliminating them will not be difficult. In any case, it is the work of every human being, and in the same way, this kind of thing is unsuitable for a country like Pakistan.

Pakistan does not accept this fact in any way because the news of the residence of India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim, inside Pakistan has spread very fast for the last ten years. Mumbai Police is also continuously investigating if any of India’s most wanted terrorists, Dawood Ibrahim, is found inside Pakistan. They will arrest him from there, and after stopping him, they will take him to India, but Pakistan will never take part in this. Pakistan also does not support India and has continuously denied that it is not inside Pakistan; rather, it has gone far away from here, but such news keeps getting aired again and again in the media. So again, it is being seen in the press that Dawood Ibrahim has returned to Pakistan; this time, he has been in Pakistan for a long time.

Dawood Ibrahim seen inside a hospital in Karachi

Dawood Ibrahim was seen inside a hospital in Karachi, after which this news reached India, and the Indian police also started searching for him. Finally, Dawood Ibrahim was caught in a hospital in Karachi, where he was admitted. This news is also spreading very fast that someone had poisoned him, but Mumbai Police claimed that it is impossible to poison Dawood Ibrahim because even if someone happens to meet Dawood Ibrahim. So he will have to pass through more than 150 people. After that, he can meet Dawood Ibrahim. Hence, it is not possible at all that Dawood can give any side to Ibrahim. It can be true that Dawood Ibrahim If Ibrahim is currently present in Karachi and is there with his family or for any reason he is admitted inside the hospital, then India will try its best in this matter and will also try to ensure that he is not deported to India. How to bring

No other patient has been kept above the floor on which Dawood Ibrahim has been observed in the hospital in Karachi, and his security there has also been tightened very much, after which no one can come and go there completely. Even their family members are allowed to go there. Apart from this, no other person is allowed to go there at all, and even if anyone reaches there under such tight security, he will be arrested. He is killed immediately. The government of Pakistan is giving full support to the army of Pakistan. In this way, many cases are going on against Dawood Ibrahim. Different countries are running cases against him. It is visible, but it is still possible to catch Dawood Ibrahim by any means, and Pakistan seems to support it fully.

John Smith

John Smith

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