Opposition parties have their own plan for the monsoon season

The monsoon session of the parliament is called said to beginners possible but this particular season will not be uneasy one for the ruling party because the opposition parties such as Congress has already decided to oppose the important bills in the Parliament to a major possibly extent for as to make it impossible for the ruling party to pass the below with the period of time and according to the presence situation it becomes important to understand that it is a serious matter because three important bills which have to be particularly waste in this session include the ones such as the ucc. The Congress senior leaders have already expressed that it will not be feasible for them to get an understanding about the intention of the routing party and they have already got its own notions that have to be taken in two account in every possible kind of situation because most of the people do not even realise that what is wrong with them. Understanding the intention behind the party is going to help people to a great extent and this will only help the people to know that what is wrong with this and what is not.

It becomes important to understand that without the support of the opposition party it will not be possible for BJP government to take a quick activity with respect to these kind of laws which are already extremely controversial. The people must understand for a basic reason that without the support of the government it is not possible for them to find a quick solution to all of these kind of activities because almost every kind of government me to have this understanding that all of these loss which the ruling party wants to implement in the country has been made for its own benefit but for the time being opposition parties such as the Congress will take into consideration the important types of provisions such as what is happening in Manipur and to be in which the states have been handling the monsoon crisis especially in Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. Such kind of aspects will definitely help the Indian democracy to get an answer for the inificiency of the government but until in unless this is not provided for it will be difficult for them to get a basic idea that has to get its own solution over the period of time without any kind of failure.

The government will definitely try to get the different types of laws and approval over the period of time but it will be a challenging situation for all of them to realise the basic fact that it is not possible for the government to understand these situations so easily and it will take time for them to get a proper understanding of what is exactly happening in the country and for this it is a duty in the party to allow people to understand multiple aspects so that it becomes easy for them to get a basic understanding of all of the factors over the time.

John Smith

John Smith

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