OMG, 2 got the certificate

Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film is very much in discussion. It is continuously maintaining its discussion because of the way the censor board ultimately refused that the censor board will not allow it to be released. Since then, this film has been trying to release because only 16 days are left for its release, and within 16 days, they have to prepare for the promotion as well, but till now, the certificate of the release of this film has not been released. There was a date that, too, did not come forward and was continuously denying that he would not give the green signal to it.

He has said that he should give the green signal to his film as soon as possible so that he can release this film because now he has very little time left and anyway a movie is going to be released with this film, about which both are in a lot of discussions and if this film is released at the right time. This film will get more benefits, then it will go into promotion day and night, and now, in the preparations for its promotion, the director has said that he has. It will take more time. However, it takes about two months to promote any film, but now they only have a little time left.

The censor board made 20 cuts in this film.

Today the censor board has given full approval to this film, and they have said that now it can be released entirely on August 11, and for this, they will not have to face any show. However, for this film the censor board did a lot of checking after a lot of investigation when it came to know that all the wrong scenes which were shown inside this film which were in constant discussion or which would hurt the sentiments of the people in the coming times were completely deleted. It has been done, and only after deleting the film has it been handed over to the director again; he said that now he can release it completely.

The film director has said that the film is entirely in his hands, and on August 11, where part two of Gadar will be launched, while part two of Oh My God will also be launched, and the differences between the two can be taken away because, on the one hand, a film is making its remake after 22 years, while on the other hand, Oh My God is being remade after eight years. Both are expected to receive much love from the Indian public and at the box office. Films are seen occasionally; great actors and actresses work in these two films.

John Smith

John Smith

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