NIA starts investigation against those who attacked Indian High Commission

On March 19, there was an attack on the Indian High Commission inside London, in which some employees of the Indian High Commission were also injured. Still, till now, no action has been taken against those who attacked the employees of the Indian High Commission. Innocents were roaming around continuously; however, when the Indian government asked Britain for clarification about this and asked Britain why they had not taken action against those who attacked our High Commission people, they arrested an accused. It was done and released after a few days; this India was not very happy, and in India, too, a tough attitude was adopted for Britain. The British High Commission inside Delhi removed all the security in India from there.

Till now, there has been no official confirmation of this matter, nor any significant action has been taken from the UK side, but now NIA has said that it will investigate on its own. It will arrest all the accused who have The High Commission was attacked, it is very sad to attack the Indian Eye Commission in this way, and if Britain does not support them, then India will never support Britain for Britain in the coming times. It must be remembered that if the Indian Commission cannot take strict action against those who attacked it, then even their High Commission in Delhi cannot be considered safe.

NIA seeks help from the general public and also issues WhatsApp numbers

The NIA has taken the attack on its High Commission very seriously. After March 19, when no decision had been taken by the UK Government and the UK Police, the NIA decided to investigate it. Has fully prepared for the attack and has issued a WhatsApp number for the citizens of Britain and the Indian citizens who live there and said that if anyone has information about the attack there, they can help the Indian government through WhatsApp number; the helper is safe, none of his reports will be shared, so he can be safe and give all the information to the Indian government.

The Indian government released a 2-hour video in which a supporter of a vacant seat was seen insulting the Indian flag outside the Indian High Commission. In this way, if such a plight of the Indian flag is happening inside England, England will have to suffer a lot. India itself will take action against those who have done this. The NIA has also appealed to the Indian public that no one has If he can give information about those he can identify at the place. It will also be perfect for the Indian government so he can take strict action on this.

John Smith

John Smith

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