Media Ridiculed and humiliated Mallika Sherawat

When Mallika Sherawat was “bullied and hounded” by the media, she said, “They were only focusing on my physique.”

Murder was the beginning of Mallika Sherawat’s acting career, but the “sex symbol” label soon followed. Her provocative photos garnered more attention than her acting skills. Because she was here for work, but that wasn’t often mentioned, Malaika even felt as though she was being bullied and tormented by the media, which upset her.

In a press interview for her movie RK/RKay, Mallika discussed the sex symbol label and how she has moved over it.

Malaika responded, “A portion of the whole sex symbol tag has to do with a specific manner that this faux intellectual media portrayed me. This is how I managed to get rid of the sex symbol tag that I got immediately after my debut film and nullified all the serious work I performed in my career. Because I performed Pyaar Ke Side Effects, a delightful, sweet comedy, after doing Murder.

I worked on Welcome, Dasavatharam with Kamal Haasan, and Jackie Chan offered me a role in a movie, but this particular segment of the media only covered the sex symbol incident. As a result of the media’s continued exploitation of that, it kind of established my reputation. But I stressed it to them.

However, I deliberately chose not to take these things seriously and continued to look for and strive to do a good job.

Struggle journey
The struggles of Mallika Sherawat have been well-known in the past, but she overcame them by becoming an independent lady and encouraging other women to discover their real destiny.

I’ve been there and done that, she declared. And while it helped me get a lot of notoriety and celebrity, it’s time for a new beginning. And that’s where an actor’s longevity is important. The journey has been wonderful. My favourite.

How many females actually get to do this in our highly patriarchal nation?
Every time they write to me, girls from Haryana remark, “You accomplished it, showed us the way.” I always tell them that it is their money, not their father’s or their husband’s. When you have money of your own, you will be in charge and have control over everything.

Additionally, Mallika Sherawat discussed how she overcame her history to take control of her own destiny, but it was not an easy road.

It was hard, she admitted. It was incredibly difficult because I didn’t have any family support and Haryana is a very patriarchal, feudal, and misogynistic state. Haryana has all of the societal issues that affect women. When I said that women are treated like cattle in Haryana, I received a lot of backlash.

Whatever I say will somewhat contribute to the advancement of women. To cut a long tale short, it was quite difficult, but since I have a degree in philosophy and have read a lot of Vivekananda, I think that Vivekananda provided me with strength.

John Smith

John Smith

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