Mango mela to get extended

The city of Bangalore is full of surprises over the period of time and it has been possible to arrange multiple type of events in the city that help to entertain the people from the hectic life schedule that they follow. According to the forces the mango festival is back in Bangalore and it is being held in Lalbagh Botanical Garden. This particular festival is being organised by the Horticulture department.

This has been one of the most successful festivals that is organized every year around the month of June in order to showcase different varieties of mangoes that are grown in different parts of India. . But something different and unique took place because many influencers from the social media platforms came to visit this particular event and they tried to promote this to the maximum possible extent with the help of their channels and social media portfolios. After the request of so many people the organizers have finally taken a decision to improve the organization and also extend the duration of this event so that people can visit this and this can be a major boost to the income of the farmer who have come from different parts of the countries in order to arrange a stall.

But due to the lack of publicity this event has not been able to achieve the success it wanted to achieve and that is why the organisers have decided to increase the duration so that people get a chance to visit this place. According to the sources if this event is properly publicized then automatically it will be feasible to make a round 15000 rupees in a particular day as compared to the present earnings which is also less than 5000 rupees per day. This particular event has got a lot of potential to motivate the farmers to make the best crops so that people can buy them and the accessibility can increase over the period of time. The state organisation be definitely make a plan to develop a proper mechanism with the help of which this entire region can be improved and it can become possible for the people to work to the best level of capacity over the period of time.

It is a matter of pride that India has been able to achieve great height over the period of time and it has been only possible due to the level of support that different communities have shown in order to fight with the tough standards that have been established by the international set up. Most of the people do not even realise the different types of perspectives that have to be taken into account and it is only with the help of collective measures that some change can be brought in the way in which the Agricultural society functions. This will definitely improve the extent of quality input over the period of time so that a better result could be achieved.

John Smith

John Smith

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