Long talks between the President of China and Ukraine, discussions about the war between Russia and Ukraine

Recently we have seen another exciting twist in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine middle war; recently, it has been heard that the President of China is discussing meeting the President of Ukraine. He called and talked to him for a long time, and he is being told that some discussions were held before the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the President of China believes that he wants to settle their quarrel by coming between any two countries. And they want us to solve any country’s dispute through us, which will improve our reputation worldwide because China is constantly in the news.

For some time, all the countries have been watching China in such a way that if China takes a single wrong step, it will be removed from the unit of famous countries of the world, and then no one will help China in any way. Given that decision, China also took decisions very carefully, and now China has reached the point that it will settle the disputes between the two countries, which is very good for them. The President of China talks with the President of Ukraine. By doing this, he proved that he is trying to stop this, and from the words of the President of China, he is with Rusch and wants to resolve this dispute.

China is constantly trying to resolve the dispute between the two countries.

The big issue of China is to solve someone’s war, and if China has a big hand in solving all the wars going on between these countries, then China is continuously engaged in this effort. Ukraine was also in great danger recently because Russia could use Iranian weapons in this war. After all, some time ago, the President of Russia had gone to Iran and had a conversation with the President of Iran, some pictures of which went viral on social media. And looking at all those pictures, the President of Ukraine became more concerned.

Suppose Iranian weapons fall into the hands of Russia. In that case, Russia will ruin Ukraine, and Ukraine will never want to be the reason for the destruction of its country because Iranian weapons have a lot of potential and some kind of power in them, which is different. If it can ruin any country, then Ukraine was in great danger due to Russia’s use of Iranian weapons. Still, recently it has been explained that the talks to end this war are ongoing continuously. Ukraine and Russia The President is also thinking similarly that this war should be finished. Recently the President of China, after talking to the President of Ukraine, also said that this war should be ended as soon as possible because it will harm both countries.

Suppose both countries continue to fight like this. In that case, nothing will happen to them, the atmosphere of peace and tranquility will be spoiled, and people would be harmed a lot, so recently we are hearing these discussions that The war between Russia and Ukraine was going on, and every possible effort is being made to stop it.

John Smith

John Smith

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