Learn why WhatsApp users won’t be able to send view-once messages on desktop any longer.

Users of WhatsApp Web/Desktop, WhatsApp for Windows, or WhatsApp beta for macOS won’t have access to the View Once feature.
View-once messages can no longer be sent by desktop users using WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Meta. Desktop users no longer have the option to send and open messages with a single click, according to WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks the distribution of existing and prospective WhatsApp features. All three versions of WhatsApp—Wakeup for Windows (Universal Windows Platform), WhatsApp Web/Desktop (Electron), and WhatsApp beta for Mac—are supported (native Catalyst app).
It was decided to remove the screenshot-blocking capabilities from the desktop because it would not function with the view once feature, according to the report. Using the view once option while sending messages gives an extra layer of protection. On a computer, the view-once messages can be accessed and screenshotted, but they can’t be done on a smartphone. This might have violated the sender’s privacy.
Thanks to recent updates from WhatsApp, the recipient can no longer screenshot a message once it has been accessed on a PC. Despite this, they can still use a different phone to screenshot the view-once message. Therefore, exercise caution when sending messages or media to other WhatsApp users.
Four new features have been added to WhatsApp to enhance user experience. Along with functions like Communities on WhatsApp, 32-person video conferencing, groups with up to 1024 members, and more, the option to create in-chat polls was also enabled.

You may remember that WhatsApp Communities is a sizable feature that is now being rolled out. Since these are small groups, they require more tools to organize and control their communication. In settings like neighborhoods, businesses, and among parents at school, it is now feasible to organize group conversations on WhatsApp by joining many groups under a single banner. Group administrators will establish and oversee communities on WhatsApp. Administrators can also create new groups or join existing groups to decide which groups are a part of their community.
Last year, WhatsApp introduced view-once messages on the web. View once messages are messages that can only be seen once before they self-destruct. According to WhatsApp, View Once communications give users even more privacy control. View Once material is protected by end-to-end encryption, just like all other WhatsApp messages are, so neither WhatsApp nor any other third party can read it. A special “one-time” emblem is used to distinguish these messages from others. To prevent any misunderstanding about what was occurring in the chat at the time, the message will appear as “opened” once the media has been watched.

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