Kiren Rijiju removed as the Law Minister

According to the internal sources, Kiren Rijiju who was the law minister of the union government has been removed from that portfolio. Arjun Ram is the new Law Minister of the country. Kiren has been one of the most high profile Union Ministers. He has been responsible to take into account various strategic ministries in the cabinet. But he has been moved to the ministry of earth sciences. This ministry is not as important as the ministry of law. His replacement, Arjun Ram, was the minister of state in charge of parliamentary affairs but now he will independently lead the Law Ministry in the capacity of being the cabinet minister. The appointment of the new Law Minister is important at the time when the central government and the supreme court are not on the same page with respect to important laws and judgement.

Kiren has always been involved in different types of controversies. He has been responsible for increasing the gap between the government and the judiciary by criticising the judgements of the supreme court with respect to the collegium system of judges. His approach has been very acrimonial towards the Judiciary which has not been promoted by the Judiciary itself and the central government. The decision to remove him as the law minister is justified on the ground of different warnings and displeasures expressed by the Supreme Court Judges at the conduct of the previous Law Minister. It was only because of him that the central government received several reprimandations from the Supreme Court for delaying the appointment of judges. The supreme court even called this entire incident to be very serious. Kiren did not even bother to clarify his stand. He also released an official statement undermining the role of the judiciary and stated that the country has to be Run according to the wishes of the constitution and the people. This confrontation between the government and the judiciary was responsible for disturbing the constitutional division of powers between the two organs of the Government.

The decision to remove him as the law minister was very important because he was continuously pushing for the national judicial appointment Commission in order to provide a greater role to the government in judicial appointments. This attempt was completely discovered by the supreme court as the National judicial appointment Commission act which was passed by the Parliament 2014 was nullified by the Supreme Court. He has officially changed his biography on Twitter and other social media handles. This move will help to mitigate the gap between the two important organs and ensure the prevalence of peace and coordination between them.

John Smith

John Smith

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