Khalistani people stage protests

All the leaders of the khalistani group has been in the position of the only Indians in London because they want to seek Revenge of the way in which India ended up killing some members of the Khalistan community such as HarDeep. The sudden demise of this particular leader who took a lot of effort in order to give a recognition to the community of khalistani definitely nothing do it India because India was never a part of all of this name wanted to become a part of all of this because it is always got zero tolerance towards terrorism but does not do anything which is of so much amount of importance.

It is important to understand that the people want to seek and answer from all the Indian consitis at the high commission in London and that is why they have been teaching protest together again in order to store the entire provision of law and order and threaten the people that we will not take while at all. It Is important to understand that it tough stand has to be taken against all of these elements as soon as possible before it is too late for the benefit of the entire country to last because the people has been people to set a very strongly sample in all these years.

It is going to be something which is completely out of control and people have to do something about it as soon as possible and that is why the Indian government is seeking assistant with the Government of the United Kingdom are so less possible so that a tough stand can be taken against all of these it social elements as soon as possible because if something is not done as only as possible then it will not be possible to take control of them at all. It is only with the help of the collective efforts of the Government and all the people in India and the United Kingdom that the activities of these khalistani people can be confol to the maximum possible extent because if the activities are what will rule it will not be possible for them to get what they want. It is only with the help of peace efforts that a decision can be brought into and something can be done in this record because this is only with the help of all of these factors that a change kindly brought into consideration over the period of time.

This particular level of assistant has got its own benefits over the period of time but better to better with will come or not depend on the lot of people because it is a sensitive political matter at the government has to think of each memory is take before implemented because this is the best part of the entire situation. In such a situation it becomes crucial to understand that truth as soon as possible and get a way to solve this problem.

John Smith

John Smith

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