Kajol said she doesn’t want to be Simran again

Bollywood actress Kajol is considered very famous and beautiful, she is lovely and the wife of Bollywood’s famous actor Ajay Devgan, and both are enjoying their life very well. His daughter’s recent post was seen, so he said he would soon launch his son inside films. For this, Ajay Devgan will make a film for him from his own production house, but recently Kajol has been fully preparing for his upcoming movie; during the relationship, he has shared many old things in an interview with the media.

Kajol has been saying continuously, even during her old interviews, that now she does not want to be Simran again, and yesterday, when she gave an interview to a TV media, during this she said that now she will retake Dilwale Dulhania that Simran Can’t become because at that time she was just 16 years old and she is pleased that she could do such acting even at the age of 16 but now she doesn’t want to do that senior role which she always wants to do.

Kajol will be seen in The Trial, Pyaar Kanoon and Dhokha

Kajol further said during her interview that she wanted to call that time completely, but at that time, it was perfect for her; at that time, her films started coming, and it was very challenging for an actress to do so many Bollywood hits continuously. But she did such kind of films that she paid a lot of attention towards her acting, and now she is very match and feels like herself, the way she got married to Ajay Devgan after that Ajay Devgan also gave her films. She has never stopped doing and continues to do films right now. Her upcoming movie, The Trial Pyaar Aur Dhokha, is about to release very soon and is in full promotion.

Kajol also named Madhuri Dixit during her interview, and she said that Madhuri Dixit is an outstanding and talented actress than her, but she never got so many good films for her talent; she is very talented now, but she still doesn’t have such a lot of talent. No movies are available, and no actress can act in Bollywood.

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