Jaishankar Prasad said India will answer Everything.

Indian Times is trying to move upward from every situation, and considering India weak in any way would be a big mistake because India is not trying to consider itself vulnerable in anything. India should try to strengthen itself in the picture for which it is constantly thinking towards development in Everything and by any means which will make the same efforts with the help of other countries that the scripture of India is very The Government of India has to have a lot of power against the people who raise their hands against India in any way, the way it is also against the people who point fingers at India, it has come to know that in the last few days, The new cases are also increasing very fast, after which the foreign minister came and gave a complete clarification on this matter and how he explained India’s future situation. In this way, tell us about India’s new steps.

The Government of India is currently seen in its action to eliminate the weaknesses of the Government of India in BF by any means. The biggest thing here is that if any country, in any way, acts against India here. If anyone makes a suggestion, it will be given a good reply here. Foreign Minister Jaishankar Prasad said that one cheek was slapped earlier. The other was put forward, but the Government of India needs to follow Gandhi’s age policy, and India We are ready here to make complete changes in our things. Considering India as weak in any way is a big mistake. In the same way, people will have to understand very quickly that the Government of India is no longer in control of its Everything is looking very good here; do not make any attempt to go against the Government of India in any way.

India’s foreign minister is currently in full action.

The Foreign Minister of India was seen in full action at this time; she did not want to keep her shortcomings in any way because all the failures of the saree would cause a lot of harm to her in the future, and looking at all these losses. Apart from continuously trying to strengthen India’s economic condition, he is also trying to keep India’s relations with foreign countries in a good light for the entire country. In the same way, in his new answer, he said that he could have completely stopped the attack on 26/11. Had any effort been made to plug it in any way, India could have prevented this attack, and the strictest action could have been taken, but it was. This did not happen. If all the things had been taken into consideration, then India would have been in a different direction today, and the wrong thing seen happening here in India is that even today, people think of attacking India.

Jaishankar Prasad said that if any country tries to go against India, it will face many difficulties. If, after overcoming all these difficulties, it moves upwards, then it will be very deep for them. It is considered a turn to 11, and in the same way, he will have to think a lot about how he sees his foreign strategy in the coming times when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will sit and talk to every country about India. We are trying to take the country to a better position and are now ready to give India a completely new structure on the world map. Still, in this way, if any conspiracy is hatched against India, Indian If a new case comes against this, it will be a big challenge for India. India will work on all these speedy videos as soon as possible.

John Smith

John Smith

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