Italy to withdraw from the initiative of China

The negotiations between Italy and China are increasing over the period of time but the prime minister of Italy has explained that they do not want to be a part of the one belt one road initiative by China. It was the only country in the whole world which was a part of China’s initiative according to which a Silk Road will be built to connect China with the rest of Asia and different parts of Europe. This particular initiative has been criticised by many countries such as India because it will try to increase the Chinese intervention through Pakistan in the Asian continent and this will be not helpful for the growth of India as a whole because it will try to pose several security measures. This initiative of China will definitely help to provide a greater power to the country as compared to the other continents. But Italy has decided to withdraw its support from this initiative and still support China with respect to its other projects.

The assessment of all of these subject matters have only led to a single conclusion that the contract between China and Italy is about to end soon and it also is ready to pay the compensation that China has to face due to the sudden breach of the contract. Not only this but also this particular initiative will not be very powerful for Italy according to the sources and that is why it has decided to withdraw from this as soon as possible. It was in 2019 that the contract was concluded between the two countries but now it has undergone a complete change. Italy is constantly facing different types of challenges from different countries and being a part of this controversial initiative has always been one of the most important challenges that the country has faced. Many neighbours of Italy have constantly wanted it to prevent the expanding power of China. It has been now that Italy has finally taken a stand against all of these factors and have concluded that a better strategy should be employed for bringing about a change.

China has been the biggest shareholder of this initiative and after the withdrawal of Italy it is looking for other neighbours who could associate with it in this entire initiative. China is also one of the biggest countries in the G7 group and has expressed this initiative to be the biggest initiative that has been launched by any company. No other country has decided to partner with China for the time being because it will be a difficult decision for them. It is one of the most important factors that has to be taken on before evaluating the International Relation ships. This will be very important for the long run and it will also help to introduce certain types of changes over the period of time.

John Smith

John Smith

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