IQ’s 5G phone launched in India yesterday

The IQOO smartphone, known for its excellent quality and 12 models, was grandly launched yesterday in the Indian market, and after its launch, booking has also started. Efforts will also be made to get it delivered as soon as possible. Different technologies have been used inside this smartphone, its features are well-known, and it looks perfect to compete with OnePlus. This is because both smartphones, which are available in the right range in the right quantity, their technology is also the same, and the process inside them looks very good inside this smartphone. In contrast, the camera quality is also very similar.

In terms of camera quality, it is challenging to compare this smartphone with any other because it has a huge camera of 200 megapixels, which makes it even more amazing, and due to this, the value of this smartphone is higher. It will increase even more because many smartphones claim high camera quality. Still, their camera quality could be better, and their quality becomes very weak, but nothing like this. The lens inside has been used extensively, so it will now be considered a good and favorite smartphone. If we talk about its storage, then the combination of 12 GB and 512 GB RAM and ROM in it. It is given, making people use it even more to collect and keep their things.

The price of this smartphone in India is Rs 52000

The price of the IQOO 12 smartphone in India has been kept at ₹ 2000, and along with it, as its RAM and ROM will be increased, its rate will also be increased accordingly, but at present, its price is the same. It has been kept, and the changes in its prices can also be given in the coming time, but its resolution is also being liked by the people very much because it has 1860 * 1200, which is very popular among the people. Will pick it even more, and its display quality is also excellent, which is not available in any smartphone. However, if we talk about the display quality of Apple, then it is one of the best in its range. It’s a great smartphone.

Yes, support has been provided in it. Along with this, the 5G connectivity score also becomes more excellent because the demand for 5G smartphones in the market has started increasing a lot, and no one should buy any 4G smartphone in any way. This is because everyone will try to keep themselves updated, which is why an excellent 5G modem has also been given inside it, increasing its speed even more. Everything will be used in it to make the internet run at high speed again. It has been given a charge of 120 watts for power backup. It can also charge much faster than others, and this smartphone can be fully charged within 20 to 25 minutes. In this way, this smartphone has been discussed in the market, and the competition for people to buy it has also increased a lot because it has come in competition with many companies.

John Smith

John Smith

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