India all set to receive new submarines

The French Navy has begun the trials for this Scorpion submarine and it will be soon delivered to the Indian Navy by the end of 2024. It is a part of the larger project that was signed between India and France in 2005 according to which the French Navy will deliver 6 submarines of total value amounting to rupees 23000 crores. This important contract has been executed and attested by the official authorities time and again. This particular submarine will undergo difficult trials across all the systems of the sea. The different parts of the submarine including the propulsion system and the sensors would be tested again and again before it is delivered and handed over to the Indian Navy. The name of this submarine is INS Vaghsheer. This is a kind of a submarine which is run on Diesel And electricity. It also comes with anti-ship missiles and advanced sensors. These submarines are being delivered to the country under project 75.

The Indian government is now concerned about the execution of the project because it is being delayed by a span of 5 years. India and France have entered into a strategic partnership for building advanced submarines in order to increase the protection in international waters from enemies. These submarines are actually helpful for attacking on both the land and water. It is also suitable for making independent air propulsion. The navel group of France is developing these submarines in associations with licence and Turbo Shipyard. The companies have got an extension till mid of August 2023 for the completion of all the submarines and their subsequent delivery to the Indian Navy. India has also received 7 submarines from Russia which have been built on German technology. All of this will help India to develop its underwater fleet so as to strengthen its security and solve the challenges of terrorism.

The government has also decided to deploy these submarines across the strategic borders of India throughout the year. The decision to tighten the security has been taken after China has decided to increase its footsteps in the Indian Ocean despite being given regular warnings by the Indian Navy to withdraw itself. The government is working to improve the connection and also provide access to better technical bids. It is also entering into discussions with the United Kingdom in the United States of America called buying the latest technology for India. It is helping to build India a strong relationship with different countries at a stretch. China and Pakistan have expressed their dissatisfaction upon the motive of India. It is a conventional decision which must be taken as soon as possible. The government is trying it’s level best to execute the contract as soon as possible and receive the delivery as the payment for the same has already been made.

John Smith

John Smith

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