India accuses Chinese company of tax evasion

Many companies are seen working inside India, and the way they invest their money inside India gives a lot of profit to the investment because the population of India and China are also very different. It has become more and more, due to which India’s market seems to be getting bigger, foreign companies are coming here and investing continuously. They are also getting benefits outside this list. Because of this, a Chinese motorbike company also invested in India and increased its investment very quickly inside India that this motorbike company electric scooter electric scooty Indian market used to provide at affordable rates.

The Indian Finance Ministry has said that if any company is accused of tax evasion inside India, the strictest action will be taken against it. It will have to be ready forever for this action, and if anyone is seen doing any incident, he can be suspended entirely from here. Hence, the way of tax evasion is that the companies have to handle it fully, and if they want to invest inside India, India should ultimately pay gold tax. He will have to give; otherwise, he can go out completely; for this, there is no place for him inside India, and he has given a special request to all the companies.

Amit Shah said that the Government of India will not accept any company’s tax evasion allegation.

India’s Home Minister Amit Shah has also stated that if any company comes inside India and accuses it of tax evasion, then those allegations will not be water inside India in any way, and the Government of India will always take action against that company. Ready for the way you have also accused this Chinese company of tax evasion, now Income Tax is fully investigating it, and if this company has tried to evade tax, then There is full apprehension of strict action being taken against it, apart from this, it has happened many times in the past also that the company that comes from outside invests there, but it goes to the Government of India and adds it to itself.

It has been said in India that if any country does this kind of act, then it will never be accepted. India is the biggest developing country at any given time, but due to the way development is increasing daily, all the companies are getting late. All avenues are open to investing here, but even if someone takes advantage here in the wrong way, it will never be tolerated for him, and the Government of India will always be ready to take action against him; Income Tax Department entirely Is ready to stop tax evasion here in one way, or the other and income tax raids are also being done continuously everywhere.

John Smith

John Smith

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