How to Achieve Motivation

Motivation comes in different shapes and can be achieved in many ways, but one is certain – we all need it. The motivation is what drives us toward something and we do things because of it, of course, motivation is not solely the reason, but it plays a huge role. But sometimes motivation is hard to come, that’could be a huge problem for some people, especially if they lack motivation for working. The process of motivation is vital for personal development and character. It is essential to be motivated in your life, whether if it’s personal or professional.

Sometimes you need a little push in order to achieve motivation, whether if its another person, event or activity but let’s dive more into the motivation so we can find out what really is about motivation.

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation but how do you achieve it?

Few tips on becoming more motivated in your life :

Think about your life, your future and where you want to be tomorrow – Thinking good through this can help you realize and motivate you;
Start a physical activity and stick to it – The exercising, for example, is a universal way to stay motivated and follow your goals;
Find your true niche – Finding your true niche could be a key for your motivation, sometimes all we need is something we really enjoy and feel passionate about;
Connect with yourself – Sometimes you lose connection with yourself and that could cause you to demotivate about life and everything in it, connecting with yourself can be really beneficial for you and not only in the spectrum of motivation;
Avoid toxic people in your life – This is an essential rule for personal development, but also for your entire life. You could get crippled by the toxic people in the environment you’re in, so it is a good idea to avoid toxic people in your life, so your motivation won’t suffer from it too;

Realizing that motivation is life

Motivation is the root of all that you can achieve, it breathes life into your life and as such, it is very important to not just get motivated but also to sustain that motivation and keep it, even more – grow that motivation. For some people exercising can be the biggest motivator in life, but for others, for example, programming could be that motivator, everyone is different and that’s why you need to find the motivation for yourself and what works best for you.

Be aware of depression
Be aware of the biggest demotivator – depression. It could demotivate you and your, dreams, sometimes even worse – your daily life. The understanding of depression could help you to cope with the motivation issues. Depression could be the root of all that is wrong with your life, including your motivation but you need to approach it the right way, by visiting a specialist and working towards the depression so you could have a better life.

Activities that could boost your confidence and motivation :

Exercising – That is considered to be one of the biggest boosters for your confidence and motivation plus that you get stronger and healthier;
Yoga – Practicing yoga is proved to be really effective for the overall health of people who practice it;
Writing – This kind of activity is not so physical, yet for some people, it helps a lot, when you write down your thoughts, emotions or even fictional stories it is proven that your passion for life increases, you become more motivated and focused about achieving your goal, and that is essential for staying motivated and not just for the writing, but it could even affect your entire life in that manner;
Nature walks – This is probably one of the most natural ways to become more connected with yourself and the living life around you. Never underestimate the power of nature, humans are universally drawn to nature as we’re part of it, motivation is part of us and we just have to find it deep within;

Many people might find the necessity of motivation useless, but that’s part of the demotivation that is happening in their life. You see, the motivation issue is a tricky thing, it could make you think in a certain way and that it is the natural way of your being, while it is not. You need to be more self-conscious and realize that the motivation is within you. Without realizing this, you will not be able to be and stay motivated. Some other people need another source of motivation, for example, other people or events that are happening in their life. But why is that? Because people are different and some people are better alone, others find motivation in the company of other people, that is probably one of the biggest charms in the humankind, we’re all different.

Motivation is a complex we all need

So what are the things you need to remember?

1.Motivation is not an easy task that solely could fix your problems;

2.Life is motivation and we all need that;

3.We are a complex of physical and psychical form and both must be motivated

4.Self-awareness about life;

5.Detoxication of your relationships;

These simple things to remember could bring the motivation closer to you. The motivation is not something you can see or touch, but feel and that is what it is about. You need to feel it deep within.


The importance of motivation in life is enormous, sometimes lack of motivation could make us miss out on great opportunities and people in our life.

Cultivating your motivation is as important as the nutrition for your body that you choose, don’t underestimate the motivation in your life, because that could lead you to depressive moods and then it becomes a vicious cycle that you could escape really hard. Motivation is a process that requires self-awareness and with a healthy amount of perfectionism a bit of self-criticism. It is mandatory for a good life.

John Smith

John Smith

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