Heat is generated inside the body due to alcohol and fast food.

In Urvashi’s class, our constant effort is to eliminate all the diseases occurring inside the body, but still, we give rise to many diseases. They try to bring all the conditions towards us, and we should stay away from these things, as when the temperature of our body increases, many diseases arise inside the body, and it will be seen affecting the entire body parts. Therefore, we should reduce the heat inside the body. Doctors say that due to alcohol and fast food consumption, heat continuously goes inside the body, and the body’s temperature is very high. It is seen going upwards; hence, we should try to calm them down. We should consume alcohol as little as possible. Regarding fast food and junk food, we should also keep them away from our diet.

It is essential for us that the more we treat the diseases inside the body, the better it will be for us. In contrast, if the body’s temperature becomes too high, different conditions will start arising inside the body. Our kidneys get progressively affected. Therefore, to protect our kidneys, the more we maintain body temperature, the better it will be for us. At the same time, due to thyroid, the body temperature also increases during summer. Apart from this, our body temperature is very high if we wear synthetic clothes or anything very thick in layers. Along with this, we should use all those things placed on our body and keep the body in a relaxed environment so that the temperature of our body does not appear to increase.

The body needs to eat cold things.

It is essential for our body that the more cold things we consume, the more things we use, due to which the temperature of the body will increase, a lot of work will be done, we can see the temperature of the body being maintained, for which we have to continuously We should use those things whose temperature is already very high or whether it is watermelon, kheer or gum. If we use the stuff in this picture, our body’s temperature can be maintained. Otherwise, if the temperature of our body increases, then the body will die. In this type of disease, it gradually arises, the development of the body will also stop progressively, and it can be seen continuously affecting our mental state, hence the health of our body. It is essential to maintain temperature.

We should try to reduce the body temperature gradually, and many doctors say that the body temperature worsens regularly due to an increase in body temperature and severe problems inside our body. It is time that we know about it entirely and at the same time we should also know that if our body is gradually reducing or there is any pain inside the joints of the body and During summer, we see that the temperature of every person’s body becomes very high. However, there are still many people whose temperature goes above this level, and it becomes visible, after which they try to reduce it ultimately. The more they consume cool things, the better for them.

John Smith

John Smith

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