Government-issued notice against social media accounts.

There is considerable discussion regarding the new notice issued by the Indian government against social media. This notice is seen altogether reaching the people, due to which social media accounts have come on alert. And they have taken this significant action against the wrong content constantly being shown on social media regarding children and women. The Technology Minister of the Indian Government has said this. I talked to him, and he said that any such actions would not be tolerated in India, and if someone used to do this kind of love, then it is entirely wrong, and India will take strict action against all these actions as soon as possible.

It is a big issue for India that whatever wrongdoings happen inside India, the Indian government is later held entirely responsible. Hence, Bharat Abhiyan issued a notice against the activities of all these applications. It has been published, and it is written in this notice that if such content is not removed or kept repeatedly, it will be terrible for these people. It will be ultimately. They are also prepared to accept that in the coming time, strict action may be taken against their application, or their application may be closed entirely within India.

Things were continuously used against women and children on the application.

Wrong content is being shown here, which includes WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and many other applications. A warrant has been issued against them. These people have received the notice in total, and in this notice, it has been clearly stated that all the content should be removed as soon as possible. If any such content is seen again, then the Government of India, which has become fully active in this, will file a report on them through its cyber crimes and then take strict action against them. Orders will be given in full force, regarding which all the people here have been alerted.

This is not at all a thing that comes on social media. All such things have been constantly seen, yet what has been said is that if such items are talked about in all this content, if such content is shown again and again, then people will be held fully responsible for it. People will have to be entirely prepared for it, and they will not listen to all these things. The more activities he takes against the content, the more action he takes against the voice content. There are many great things for him, and he wants to see the Indian people completely safe. He will be seen working continuously for the security of the Indian people. In India, such activities are being done repeatedly on social media. Many alerts have been issued regarding these dirty activities on social media, but still, people are not ready to believe this. Not ready at all. People will not support this.

John Smith

John Smith

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