Funny incident of robbery takes place

The city of Delhi has now become unsafe for every age group of people because according to the latest sources a new incident has come forward in which two Robbers would try to conduct a theft with the couple at gunpoint. But this particular incident was not like every other kind of act of robbery and hence in such a situation it is possible for the people to think of something which has never happened before.

The people who were conducting this crime did not loot anything from the couple but instead ended up giving them hundred rupees and leaving them without committing any kind of crime or hurting them in any way at night. It happened at East Delhi and two men were captured in the CCTV footage near the market area of Shahdara on a two wheeler. The couple after being interrogated reported that this particular accident has been in the position to disturb a lot of people over the period of time but more than disturbance the people have been surprised at this particular act by the criminals because nothing of such kind has been ever seen earlier even by the police.

This particular attempt has been conferred by the police on the spot and the police is taking strict action against all of such kind of incidence in the city to the maximum possible extent so that the people could be protected at night and saved from such kind of problems which can also take away the lives of the people at times. But many people have also been in the position that there was a young group of boys. It is important to control these kinds of incidences as soon as possible because unless these particular kinds of incidence are not controlled it will not be possible for the people to feel safe. In this kind of situation it is important to understand that the people have been making fun of the situation on social media platforms and most of the people wanted to know the reason due to which this entire incident took place. This basically happened because the couple whom they were trying to rob only had rupees 20 with them and that is why the robbers decided to give them Rs 100 so that they could have something that could be robbed off and went to be from the place.

It is important to know that the protection of people is one of the most important intention of the Government and it will be taking into consideration every possible major for protecting the people but such incidents have definitely been on rise and it is high time for the people to take action. In such a kind of situation it becomes important to understand that the deployment of the police forces will definitely increase over the period of time. This is one of the most important objective which has to be fulfilled to the maximum possibly extent.

John Smith

John Smith

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