Fit To Run Program by The Members of Post Office – Jammu

Because of the fitness awareness from Jammu and Kashmir, the news is coming out that on 7th October, the Department of Posts organized a fit-to-run program for the health of its employees and their family members under the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi in Jammu and Kashmir.

The officers and employees and their family members showed great interest in the program and participated in large numbers early in the morning. Liya Postal Department officials are with their family members and all the people gathered in front of Meghdoot Bhawan located in the Railway Headquarters premises, who brought their relatives to participate in that program.

Under the leadership of Colonel Vinod Kumar, Postmaster General of Jammu Region, the post and all its employees and family members covered a distance of about 5 kilometers to the Balidan Bhawan. The main objective of this program was to make people aware of the increasing number of diseases in the country.

Because all diseases are due to poor health, the biggest reason for this is that people have stopped walking nowadays, and do not pay any attention to their health. Colonel Vinod Kumar said that the main purpose of this program is that it encourages people to run inside. Create a habit due to which health is healthy and away from diseases because it is seen that nowadays serious health-related diseases are happening even at a very young age and it can be solved only by running for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning.

It is because the natural air reaches the lungs in the morning, it removes the person from diseases, it was seen in this program that the young and young children showed more interest than the elders and all the people participated enthusiastically in this program.

John Smith

John Smith

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