Earbuds of quality- get your exclusive earbuds at just 8499.

Ear comfort is necessary. It is important to select any ear accessories that do not cause harm to the ears. Besides, the ear is one of the main five Sense organs. There are different types of nerve vessels and bones in the ears. Any damage to this organ due to high volume and any other discomfort can cause serious trouble. So it is important to select the best earbuds at an affordable price. Nothing Ear Stick is providing one of such comfortable ear accessories for you.

The Nothing ear stick is providing exclusive earbuds at just 8499 INR. The new accessories will be launched in 2ed November across 40 countries which include the United States, and the United Kingdom. In India the offer will be available from 17th November. The product can be easily accessed from flipkart and myntra at an exclusive price of 8499 INR only.

The organisation has developed comfort with style. The earbud is just 4.46 g of weight and has a height of 12.6 mm. Besides, the sound cancelling feature is encrypted into the device. It is a waterproof device and has proper certification. With the feature you can easily enjoy clear sound even in noisy places.

The device has a soft bud covering which is made of soft polymer of rubber, and is super comfortable to the ears. Besides, these covers do not cause any itching side effects to the user. The device is easily compatible with any operating system which include Android, iOS and windows interface. The nothing ear stick earbuds need an application to connect with the main device. The application is available in play store and in Apple store and are easily accessible and connectable. The organisation provides some additional features with their new device. These include the calling feature and the call pickup feature. Besides device auto connection feature is also installed in the device.

The organisation I also worked hard to provide some new features which include call cut features.

John Smith

John Smith

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