Donald Trump accused of capital violence

In the history of America, a lot of incidents happened when there was a criminal case against their President, and in the past till now, there has been no criminal case against any President whom America respected a lot and considered automatically. But Donald Trump has completely broken the pride of America because new criminal cases are being filed against him one after the other. One crore rupees from the fund was given to a porn actress, and she was told to keep her mouth shut so that she could not reveal anything during the elections. The relationship between Donald Trump and the foreign actress was not revealed, and He could easily avoid it, and that’s why he gave one crore rupees from his election fund to that porn actress.

The allegations against Donald Trump did not stop here, and after that, there were more and more serious allegations against him; the allegation of female atrocities on him is also going on very fast; he tortured many women. And those women have now come forward and said that Donald Trump has been harassing them continuously, while after that, he was accused of violence there, the way he was seen moving from one person to another. The violence in America has taken a different form within the last two years; for that, Donald Trump is being given the most credit there because Donald Trump is a person who has destroyed America. He has made a lot of efforts to ruin, and even when he was the President of the country, he thought absolutely nothing for the development of the country.

Donald Trump has also been accused of snatching human rights.

Donald Trump has to appear in court on August 3, and there will be a hearing against him; this hearing is about snatching human rights and changing the election to stop the effect of the election within the last election. Allegations are being told against the train, and they have done a lot of corruption with their country; they have tried to take America back to the way America is considered one of the most powerful countries in the world and that country If the President of India spreads violent incidents there in this way, then it does not suit that President at all and that is why strict action can be taken against him, he may even have to go to jail.

When Donald Trump appears inside the court on August 3, there will be two separate hearings against him. This is the third criminal case against him in the last five months which is being heard, and this time, in the hearing, He can be punished for 20 to 30 years. During this punishment, he can also die there because Donald Trump’s age is said to be around 70, so now it is complicated for him in the coming time. Going to be more serious, and if the court sentences him, it will be unfortunate for Donald trump.

John Smith

John Smith

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