Difficulty for the state or HP rise

The level of rainfall that has been received but the state of Himachal Pradesh is actually working out of control and people do not understand what is happening to them situation because this is the worst possible thing that can take place in the month of August that the level of rainfall is not decreasing at all and people just do not know what to do with it because it has been a difficult problem for them now because everything including the tourism has come to was time still and even now the education board of the state has decided to shut down all the educational institutions for like a couple of days more until in unless everything comes back to normal because if all of this continuous this way then it will be posing out of waste to the life of all the students and the people who would be stuck in rainfall for like a lot of time and this won’t make any sense and that is why the education is come to was cancel and the cannot for the online mode because of the frequent electricity.

Since the level of rainfall has been depleting to such a great extent it is difficult to imagine that everything would be working to the best of capacity in people would be having an understanding of why all of this has been taking place but for most of the people it is going to be a difficult problem because they do not even understand how to teach the children because the level of rainfall that has been your seat is so much that even then electricity department is not able to promise proper electricity and it is actually resulting in a lot of heart shape because the lot of people are not able even to function in the electricity department and at the same point of industry is also not working and the depends on pole in all of this thing has been please be on the given extent and this is not working in the best environment when we way as it could. People have been thinking ways to deplete the kind of situation but no particular solution can be provided for the timing in it is only acting to the complications of a lot of people because they do not even understand that what is the ideology behind the government in marking all of these differences and what difference will it be making in the times to come.

It is only with the help of proper analogy that the government can think of these in which it can come a head in time and also focus on things which will leave a great difference in the times to come but for the time being this is not going to work in the best possible way and everything is going to take a future amount of difficulties because something which is going to make a lot of sense in the future and you think that they have been working with is not necessary for the time being and this is going to help people to the multiple possibly extent to get a conclusion which would be helpful for them to understand that why all of this has been taking place and what is the plan behind all of these activities over the period of time. The government of Himachal Pradesh is still trying hard to figure out how much it go about all of the situation and it is expected that it will try to find one of the Other kind of conclusion in the times to come because if it is able to do the same then automatically it will be creating a huge amount of potential

John Smith

John Smith

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