Dialogues get shuffled for two blockbusters

In one of the most funniest kind of incident it has come forward that a Multiplex cinema in the state of Karnataka has been able to get a long the biggest Blender at the time of screaming of Barbie and open because according to the latest type of updates it has become important for the people to make a gas up on the fat that Sach Ka interiors have got the capacity to make it more complicated for most of the people because they don’t even understand how to get along with such kind of situations but in one of the latest kind of update it has been brought into picture that the multiplex was in the position to shuffle the subtitles for both the movies and it became extremely difficult for the audience to watch of them because they did not even have a basic idea that most of the people should get about the best possible kind of face in which technology is can be implemented but such a kind of After Effect was not expected at any cost and it was alted in a baby silly movement which could not even be controlled with the help of proper patients of the people because most of the people have spent a huge amount of money in order to watch these movies and search.

In such a kind of situation people have been demanding the view fund of all the money that they have been in the position to spend in order to watch these movies but the cinema hall please have not given any kind of compensation due to which the level of protest has been increase and in such a kind of situation this everything has got to be confold by none other than but the police department but this is something which was not expected by most of the people and that is while it has become difficult for the people to get on the actually way in which multiple aspects can be taken into account as soon as possible such a kind of complicational this particular stage of Technology growth was not expected at tall because it was a clue defect of the multiplex and something had to be done about it as soon as possible before it was too late in order to leave a greater question before the people in a better way without any kind of period and this was the best way in which something could be done about it as soon as possible.

The kind of support that the government has been able to show its pretty amazing that such kind of errors also existing this particular world of Technology and it is only one the people how they take up the challenge but after this particular incident has taken place a lot of multiplexes have been able to learn a huge amount of factor from this particular situation and bay are taking steps to avoid this particular practice over the period of time before it is too late

John Smith

John Smith

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