Constantly increasing flight fares can now be curbed

The flight fares are increasing continuously, now the general public can get a lot of relief because the Government of India has just decided to reduce the way the ticket price is increasing continuously and these shortcomings can be seen very soon. Because the decision has been taken to give 115 new planes to India by March 2024. After that, if the number of planes increases, then we can easily see the deficiency inside the ticket itself, and the Government of India has taken this decision this year, which means that within the coming 1 year This 115 planes will be added gradually and after that when all these planes will start playing on the route, then gradually the fare will also start coming down.

The Government of India has given the task of increasing all these 115 planes to different companies, in addition to Air India, Indigo, SpiceJet, there are many companies which have been given different tasks, in which Air India and Indigo have About 60 percent plans. Although the Tata group which is in India has said that it will continuously see some improvement in its plane and we can see the result very soon and to give relief to the general public, Tata The group has already brought down its fares and will look to bring down its ticket prices further.

After the closure of the Go First plane, there was an increase in the ticket price.

The Government of India said that ever since the closure of the Go First plane, there has been a continuous increase in fares and now the decision to reduce this increase has been taken by the Government of India and now after taking all the planes, the Government of India Will be handed over to all the plane companies. So after this there will automatically be a reduction in the tickets, although at this time the number of consumers or the number of people traveling has increased a lot and the number of planes has reduced a lot.

According to a report, the number of passengers has increased by about 42 percent, so in one way or the other, the Government of India is taking a decision to reduce this fare and due to which there is any kind of loss to the customers or any Inconvenience is not to be faced. The Indian Airlines or all the big plane companies also say that if passengers start coming to them, they will automatically start reducing the fares and if the demand continues to increase like this, then they will see less increase in the fares.

John Smith

John Smith

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