Congress questions the CBI involvement in accident

After the train accident took place in Odisha, different ministers of the opposition have been taking a stand at the development made by the government in the Railways that despite so many years of Independence such unfortunate incidents continue to happen and put the safety of the people at stake. The ministry of the Railways have been questioned by different leaders of the opposition multiple times and no definite answer has been provided to them over the period. It is important to understand that one of the leaders of the Congress party had also decided to attack the ruling party on the ground that what is the basic purpose of involving CBI in the investigation.

According to the latest notification released by the ruling party CBI was given the power to investigate the entire crime scene in Odisha and also find out evidence that will help the government to proceed against someone who is actually responsible for all of this fault. It is important to note that the most important obligation of the CBI is to investigate criminal offenses and financial crimes and such a tragedy has nothing to do with the position and power of the CBI in the long run.

It is not the job of this particular organisation of the government to take into control the investigation of a railway accident because it is the duty of the Ministry of Railway to make a detailed report with respect to the exact happenings and at the same point of time understand the way in which it has to be sorted over the period of time. It is only with the help of the assistant of the correct Ministries that the exact report can be prepared but involving Agencies like CBI in all these activities will definitely prevent them from doing what they actually want to do and this will again delay most of the investigations which are actually important for the country right now. It is important to understand that all the Ministries have been in the position to question the ruling government with respect the measures that has been taken so far for the safety of the passengers who travel from Railways everyday but no particular answer has been given for the time being

But it is only with the help of proper efforts that a solution can be reached as soon as possible because the government has to decide the way in which the exact cause of the accident took place over the period of time. If a particular cause is not revealed as soon as possible then it will become difficult for the government to take note of this entire situation over the period of time.

John Smith

John Smith

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